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The book “The Losers Club” by Andrew Clements (Random House) is about a young boy, Alec Spencer. He’s extremely good at reading, but that gets in the way of his attitude and his class participation, and his study skills are terrible.

To improve his grades, he has to go to the Extended Day Program. There’s the clubs program, the active games program and the homework room, where you can do all your homework. Alec decides not to choose the clubs program; he wants to start a club that is just about reading and nothing else. He then has an idea for the club’s name: It would be called the Losers Club.

At first he’s not successful in finding members. Eventually he finds a girl in the origami club, Nina, who wants him to leave her alone. Alec realizes that Nina loves books as much as he does. When Nina hears the name of the club, she refuses to join, but she then realizes that the club’s name could be used to keep others from joining. After she joins the club, they start becoming good friends. Soon Lily, who also loves reading, decides to join the Losers Club. Also a boy from active games is forced to join. His name is Jason. Alec is rude to Jason but eventually stops being rude.

After a few days, a few members of the Losers Club start to dislike the name of the club and want to change the club’s name to a positive name.

After reading “The Losers Club,” I thought it was a pretty good book. I love the drama that’s going on, such as the huge drama circle with Alec, former friend Kent and Nina. I love the ending of the book. But there are also things I disliked, such as Kent bullying Alec. I dislike a lot of bullying because I was bullied as well.

I recommend this book because it’s about drama, action and education. That’s something every kid and parent should love.


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