Kidsday reporters from Jericho with band members of The Script,...

Kidsday reporters from Jericho with band members of The Script, from left, drummer Glen Power, vocalist and keyboardist Danny O'Donoghue, and guitarist Mark Sheehan. Kidsday reporters are, from left, Vikram Bajaj, Ksena Czernicka, Abby Chau and Yitao Wang, all 11. Credit: Newsday Pat Mullooly

On Friday, Sept. 29, we were so lucky to meet the band The Script backstage at Radio City Music Hall before their concert. We met vocalist and keyboardist Danny O’Donoghue, guitarist Mark Sheehan, and drummer Glen Power. They were very nice, calm, cool and collected. We thought they had the greatest accents. They are Irish. We asked them many questions, but they wouldn’t rush and answered them easily. They have a great sense of humor and afterward they signed our concert tickets and phone cases.

One question we asked them was where they get their inspiration for their songs and albums. They said the names come randomly into their minds. Their latest album is titled “Freedom Child.” That album was inspired by Mark’s 9-year-old son who asked his dad what terrorism is. The band didn’t know how to respond to him and that led to their latest album. The band thought how lucky they were to have freedom. They named the album “Freedom Child” so that people could understand that you should always follow your dreams because you have freedom. We would like to add that besides being great singers, they are now great role models!

Another question we asked them was what jobs they used to have before they started their music career. A job Danny had was as a waiter at a restaurant cleaning dirty dishes. We also asked them what they like to do in their free time. Danny said he likes to go to the studio and just hang out there. He said he loves to press all the buttons on the audio control panels and just lose himself in the studio.

Their latest album has 14 songs. They told us they wrote 70 songs and these were some of the best. We like “Arms Open” and “Rock the World,” which they opened the concert with, and really got the crowd on its feet.

We asked the band what is the strangest thing a fan has ever done. Their response was hilarious. They said that when they were in Japan someone gave them a goldfish in a bag — yes, that was their real answer!

We wanted to know if they do anything special before a performance. They said that they split up and do their own things. Danny said he makes weird noises with his mouth for warm-ups. You can call that a paradox, but at least they make amazing music, right?

Since they have so many songs in their music catalog, we wanted to know what was the most nerve-racking song they ever had to sing. They said it was when the Queen of England personally asked them to sing for her — yes this actually happened. Fortunately, it was a success.

One of our favorite Script songs is “Hall Of Fame.” We asked them about writing it. They said that many athletes get in a Hall of Fame but so many other great people deserve to be in a Hall Of Fame because they are the ones that help the world with their needs. They wrote the song to let the world know that nurses, doctors, teachers, preachers, etc. really deserve a Hall of Fame.

The band says that when writing songs their moods always change so their songs always change. When their moods and actions change their writing process changes. The band says they have many disagreements but it is important that they write their songs. They never keep a fight going because it is not worth fighting over and they have a job to do.

Afterward we went to see them perform. If you have never been to a Script concert, you should go, but just be prepared — it is loud! It was the first concert for all four of us and it was an experience we won’t ever forget! We were standing most of the time. At one point they announced that the show was over — and everything went dark — and then the lights came up and there was one more song, or so we thought. After that song, they played another one started, then another, then another. The concert actually ended with the song we love the most, “Hall of Fame.” The crowd went wild, screaming, jumping and singing along at the top of their lungs. We also loved it when Danny popped up in the middle of the audience and sang with the crowd all around him.

We did not expect to see people from age 15 to a lot older at the show. We thought The Script would have a younger audience, but we realize they appeal to everyone. Overall, we had the best time at their show.