The past year’s fads have become this season’s Halloween costumes. Kids can dress as Captain Marvel and a variety of superheroes, Disney "Descendants 3" and other popular characters — not to mention avatars from hit video games like Fortnite, the popular DJ Marshmello and, of course, Baby Shark. Here’s a look at some characters sure to be doing the trick-or-treat tango this year.

Descendants 3: ‘Audrey’

Credit: Party City

Princess Audrey is not just the daughter of Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip, but the cheerleading captain at Auradon Prep. Her costume comes with a belt, fingerless glove and a jumpsuit (shoes and wig not included); $54.99;


Credit: Spirit Halloween

Inspired by the guise of the real-life producer and DJ who works under the handle "Marshmello," your kid can move and groove while trick-or-treating in this funky get-up; includes sweatshirt and half-mask; $39.99;

Marvel Avengers: Endgame 'Captain Marvel'

Credit: Rubie’s Costume Company

We all know how powerful the Avengers are, but among the team members Captain Marvel is one of the mightiest, and kids can sport this lookalike polyester jumpsuit with a belt and mask; $39.99-$44.99;

Singing Baby Shark

Credit: Party City

Just in case you need to hear the "Baby Shark" song (as if it's not already lodged in your brain), just push the hand on this costume to get a rendition to sing along with. It comes with headpiece, jumpsuit and attached tail; $39.99;

Toy Story 4: ‘Forky’

Credit: Disguise

One of the newest star characters from the "Toy Story" movies, Forky started off as a junked spork but ended up a beloved friend. Froky's costumes includes a mask and jumpsuit; $29.99;

L.O.L. Surprise 'Diva'

Credit: Party City

A fancy doll from the Glee club, this L.O.L. Surprise "Diva" costume comes with a dress plus a headpiece, glasses and body sticker; $39.99;

Little Avocado

Credit: Carter’s

Little ones will look super-cute in this "tasty" costume for kids size 12M-24M. It's a three-piece costume (bubble fleece with hood, long sleeve shirt and striped tights) that's also machine washable; $42;

Light-Up ‘Shazam’

Credit: Party City

One of the latest members of the DC Comics Universe to get his own movie, the "Shazam!" superhero costume comes with padded muscles and a light-up lightning bolt on the chest; includes hooded cape and jumpsuit; $39.99;

Stranger Things: Robin's ‘Scoops Ahoy’

Credit: Rubie’s Costume Company

For a "Stranger Things" Halloween nod, you can wear this replica of what Robin wore while she worked at Scoops Ahoy in the Starcourt Mall; $24.99;

Toy Story 4: ‘Bo Peep’

Credit: Disguise

The character has appeared in all the "Toy Story" movies, but it's during the most recent installment she really gets a chance to shine. This costume comes with a cape, belt, headband, arm bands and jumpsuit; $39.99;

Fortnite: ‘Merry Marauder’

Credit: Spirit Halloween

Combining the characteristics of a military uniform and a gingerbread man, this Fortnite skin comes with an angry mask, hood, gloves, shin guards, jumpsuit and a candy cane belt; $49.99;

Space Shuttle Discovery

Credit: Suitables

Space fans can imagine taking trick-or-treating into orbit with this detailed kit featuring astronaut and mission control sounds, optional cargo bay doors and a satellite toy that doubles as a candy-collecting bucket. Construction time is approximately 45-60 minutes, one size fits most kids ages 3-8; $39.99;

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ‘Miles Morales’

Credit: Rubie’s Costume Company

Being Spider-Man is tricky when you find out there's a "Spider-Verse" of Earths, each with a different version of the iconic wall-crawling hero -- and this Miles Morales costume comes with mask and jumpsuit; $29.99;

Marvel Avengers: Endgame ‘Thanos’

Credit: Rubie’s Costume Company

One of the most powerful superheros in the Marvel Universe, this Thanos costume comes with a mask, armor, jumpsuit (with attached wrist guards and boot tops) and an Infinity Gauntlet; $39.99;

L.O.L. Surprise ‘Queen Bee’

Credit: Party City

A rare L.O.L. from Series One, she's a member of the Glitterati club -- and this Queen Bee costume will help little ones look as cute as can "bee;" comes with a dress, headband, glasses and body sticker; $34.99;

Pokemon: 'Pikachu'

Credit: Disguise

By far the most famous Pokemon of them all, Pikachu recently had his own movie. The costume comes with a mask and jumpsuit with attached tail; $29.99;

Cinderella Coach

Credit: Suitables

Kids can adorn their costume with the Cinderella pumpkin coach. Designed with jewels and a gold trim, it also has optional horses to attach. Comes as a kit that takes about 30 minutes to build. Costume not included; one size fits most kids ages 2-7; $34.99;

Spider-Man: Far From Home ‘S.H.I.E.L.D. Spider-Man’

Credit: Rubie’s Costume Company

Usually known for his red-and-blue duds, when Spider-Man has to go on a semi-undercover mission for S.H.I.E.L.D. they supply him with this ninja-like outfit, which comes with a mask and jumpsuit with attached boot tops; $39.99;

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