Kidsday reporter Hunter Held of RJO Intermediate School, Kings Park,...

Kidsday reporter Hunter Held of RJO Intermediate School, Kings Park, with the Transformers: Bumblebee Studio Series set. Credit: Held family

Have you ever seen a Transformer in a box? I had the opportunity to try out the Bumblebee Transformer (Hasbro) that turned into different things such as a sports car or a Volkswagen Beetle.

The first Transformer I played with was DJ Bumblebee. Although he did not transform into anything, he made sounds and played music when I lifted his arms into different positions.

Then I built it into the Volkswagen Beetle. I played with it so I could see the cool features of the Transformer. It had a flare igniter, which was placed in the back of the Transformer and, when released, the Beetle was supercharged and went faster.

The last one I created was a sports car. You can customize it with two different faces. One was a regular Bumblebee face and the other was a mask for his face. You can also put the engine in the front of the car.

There are two different types of Transformers: Autobots and Decepticons. Bumblebee falls into the category of an Autobot because he turns into different cars.

I would recommend you go out and get this cool Transformer. Its features are really awesome and, if you purchase others, you could make an entire battlefield!

Rating: 5 smiles out of 5

Cynthia Howe and Stefanie Murphy’s fourth-grade class, RJO Intermediate School, Kings Park

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