Kidsday reporter Alex Bedard with the Stanley Cup.

Kidsday reporter Alex Bedard with the Stanley Cup. Credit: Bedard family

Has anything or anyone ever gotten in the way of what you love to do or what you want to do? Sometimes when that happens, I think we just want to give up on it and move on with life. But I want to share with you why you should persevere to achieve your goals and never to give up.

The first reason why you should not give up is because you should do what you want to do. You can’t always listen to what someone else says. When I was little, my dad used to say that I should maybe try another sport besides hockey because of my size. I was thin and short, but I loved playing hockey and didn’t want to give it up. So I kept playing and I tried my hardest. My perseverance paid off!

Now I play travel hockey for the Junior Islanders. I think if you love something, you should keep working at it and not be discouraged by what another person says. Also, you know what makes you happy, and it would be difficult and sad to stop doing the things you love the most or the things you have always dreamed of doing.

Another reason why you shouldn’t give up is because when you are doing the things you love, you will be much happy about your life. I know my dad was only trying to help me, but If I listened to him and stopped playing hockey, my life would not be the same.

Robyn Madden and Patricia Roberts’ sixth-grade class, Garden City Middle School


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