Ever wonder what a color walk is? Color walks are done to find a cure to some terrible diseases such as cancer. We participated in a color walk at Bar Beach. We liked helping by raising money for cancer to help find a cure. This color walk was very enjoyable. For example, we got many cool things like balloons that say “Beat cancer” and a piece of paper and a pin that we could use to write something that shows what you feel about cancer and pin it to our shirts.

At our event we were able to walk or run about 2 miles while people threw colored cornstarch at us. It is a mess and a lot of fun. When we were finished walking, there was a party with a DJ and even more colored cornstarch. When everyone was leaving, an ice cream truck came by and provided refreshments.

Before the color walk started, music was on and people were dancing. Other people were eating, or writing down their thoughts about cancer. Speakers got up on stage and talked about how cancer affected their lives. One girl at our walk talked about how she lost her dad when he died from cancer, and talked about how she organized this color walk.

Just check online and find out where these walks are and help others.