Bianca Jamotte LeRoux of New Hyde Park contributed to this...

Bianca Jamotte LeRoux of New Hyde Park contributed to this new book. Credit: HCCR Books

Did you ever wonder what it’s really like to raise an ebullient, enthusiastic and incredibly fun-loving child? As the mother of a 4½-year-old boy, Bianca Jamotte LeRoux of New Hyde Park knows firsthand.

LeRoux is one of the 35 contributors to “The Unofficial Guide to Surviving Life With Boys” (HCCR Books, $14.40), a recently published compilation of hilarious stories about boys’ penchants for getting into everything and effortlessly attracting dirt.

“It’s about all the wonderful, disgusting, crazy things about being a boy mom,” says LeRoux, 36, an actress, filmmaker and restaurateur.

Also the mother of a 6-year-old girl, LeRoux says she didn’t raise her kids to be gender specific — no pink for girls, blue for boys — and was surprised when her son gravitated toward trucks and dinosaurs.

“I thought if I was very neutral about it all, that possibly my children would be, too,” she says. “But he’s very much a boy.”

“The Unofficial Guide” is available through Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. For more anecdotes and contests for free books, check out LeRoux’s Facebook Page, “Real Mommy Confessions.”


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