Kidsday reporters from The De La Salle School in Freeport...

Kidsday reporters from The De La Salle School in Freeport stayed at Spring Brook Farm in Reading, Vermont, for a week. Credit: Christina Buttigieg

Two grades from our school were able to travel to Spring Brook Farms in Vermont to get the experience of a lifetime. We stayed on a farm for a week. The older class did a survival thing. I know it may not sound that fun, but I’ve already been at the farm, and it’s amazing.

My grade got on a fancy bus, and we traveled for about six hours. My class stayed in a dorm where we slept, ate and took showers. Once we settled in, we were separated into three groups. We took a tour of the farm. There were cows, calves, pigs and turkeys. Then we had a meal, stayed up and talked a bit, and then we slept.

The next day, we got ready to start the day. We got into our groups and we started to do our chores. At the time, we had group leaders from the farm, Rob, Niles, Molly and Sarah. My group went with Sarah to the garden.

To get to the garden, we had to go on the Meditation Trail. It’s a path where we had to stay quiet, and enjoy the nature and silence. We got to the garden and we collected vegetables.

We ate lunch and we also had new groups, which had to clean up for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The next few days, we went to see where they made cheese, milk and clean up cows, feed calves and much more.

Some of the other things we did were take a nature walk, herd chickens and put them in their homes, and walk the cows. I had fun herding the chickens inside their house.

Another time, my group finished working in the garden, and we decided to roll down a hill for fun. On the second to last day of the farm, we climbed this mini-mountain, and you could see everything.

I liked the farm a lot. I want to go back so bad. My classmates and I talk about the trip all the time because it was fun and something we all got to do together. When we had to leave, I was upset because we had awesome time. We are excited to get to do the trip in eighth grade, where they teach us survival skills. This program is also known as Farms for City Kids.

Christina Buttigieg's sixth-grade class, The De La Salle School, Freeport

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