Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Kiera Pagano, Massapequa

Earth Day is more than just a day to do something nice only on April 22 — it’s a day to change your lifestyle for the better. Here are some ways to give back to the Earth and change your lifestyle if you haven’t gotten the chance. One easy and fun way to help is to simply go on more walks and bike rides instead of using a car. Instead of throwing out a bottle of soda or a cardboard box, use them to make craft projects. You could also donate clothes that don’t fit anymore to someone in need.

Why not involve everyone and host a beach or park cleanup day, pick up ugly trash and plant new flowers and trees where they have died? To further this idea you could also make a competition to see who picks up the most trash and have a prize for the person with the most trash collected.

Buying locally grown and organic products may cost more than products that aren’t organic. But one way you can pass this problem is to plant food yourself, and you learn how to take care and farm plants and more importantly it’s way better for the Earth, although free food is a nice bonus too. Transporting food across the world takes time and a lot of fuel that hurts our planet.

Ever heard of “precycling?” It’s returning something to the Earth before you even take it. Why recycle a plastic bottle when you can use a reusable one and not have to recycle in the first place? If you don’t buy something it will lead to less production that will inevitably help our planet. Get dirty and collect weeds, dead leaves and some left over veggies and fruits. Leaving them on an area of soil to decompose will be a great treat for plants. Make our planet a better place!