You know you're a child of the '90s when you wistfully recall your favorite Saturday morning cartoons like "Rugrats," "Doug" and "Hey Arnold!"

Beanie Babies were everything. Lisa Frank was a way of life. And as the decade wound down, you weren't sure what to make of the fuss about the Y2K bug.

What shaped your '90s childhood?


Credit: Getty Images / Scott Olson

If you wanted to watch a movie, you either had to go to the theater or cross your fingers that Blockbuster didn't run out of the VHS tapes you wanted to watch.

Lisa Frank

Credit: Lisa Frank

The start of each school year was littered with Lisa Frank folders, stickers, pencils, erasers and more.

Frosted hair

Credit: Getty Images / Henny Ray Abrams

At least one of your friends had frosted tips.

Butterfly hair clips

Credit: East Meadow Public Library

Your fancy look featured lots and lots of butterfly hair clips, choker necklaces and slap bracelets.

'The Lion King'

Credit: Disney

You love "Frozen," but nothing can replace the Disney classics like "Lion King," "Aladdin" and "Pocahontas."


Credit: Getty Images / David Greedy

Every time your Nintendo froze up on you, you had to take the cartridge out, blow the dust off it and pop it back in.

Beanie Babies

Credit: Getty Images / Joyce Naltchayan

You know there's a storage tub full of Beanie Babies in your parents' attic.

Spice Girls

Credit: Getty Images

You lost your mind when the Spice Girls reunited during closing ceremonies for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.


Credit: Getty Images / Toru Yamanaka

Your Tamagotchi was almost as good as a real pet. Plus, when it got sick, you could just reset the back with a pen to make it better.


Credit: Nickelodeon

You spent your Saturday mornings glued to the tube watching your favorite Nickelodeon cartoons until your parents made you go outside. Your favorites included "Rugrats," "Doug" and "Hey Arnold!"

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