Not everyone is happy to see Santa. Click here to submit your "Scared of Santa" photos. (Captions are submitted by readers who share their photos.)

Credit: Kara, Philadelphia

Will as we expected.

Credit: Laurette Matthews- Melville NY

Kristen, Noreen and Carolyn Matthews - Scared of Santa - Christmas 1978

Credit: Worldwide photography, bay shore

Giovanna is thrilled to see Santa.

Credit: Joan Waggoner, Riverhead

I told him I was good and you were bad!

Credit: Sarah fleishman camarillo

My son meeting Santa Claus for the first time. December 2018

Credit: Judy Ciaramitaro

Brought our 2 year old triplet's to see Santa and since they absolutely refused to sit on his lap or even stand near him for a photo we decided to make it a family photo, that turned into Dad trying to catch 1 trying to escape and mom holding the other 2 in her arms as they tried to jump out of her arms to get away from Santa!!!

Credit: Grandpa Paul Wangenstein of Lake

Peter Clark (age 5 of Seaford, NY) is "making a wish and checking it twice" to make sure Santa of White Post Farm gets his letter.

Credit: Meagan & Jason Miller

Nailed it! Happy Holidays!

Credit: Carole Nelson, Lindenhurst

Besties Mikaela Cianfrocco (20mos) and Addison Garguilo (17mos) visited Santa at the 2012 West Babylon Fire Department's breakfast with Santa

Credit: Todd F Connell, Jericho NY

Ava loves Santa but apparently only from afar, womp womp

Credit: Emily Taylor (mother), Westbury,

This was my son?s (Matthew Taylor) first visit to Santa. We were at Hicks Nurseries in Westbury and, needless to say, Matthew was not rushing into this...I imagined him thinking ?...not too sure about this...?

Credit: Gail Green Commack

Christopher trying to get away from Santa

When she thinks she's too old for Santa's lap! Never too old in mommy's mind!

Credit: Megan DeRiso, Northport

Anthony, William and Elena, She clearly did not know who this guy was!

Credit: Janet Maldonado, Brentwood

Santa @ Long Island Aquarium 2016

Santa is scared of the moody teen!

Save us!

Credit: Debra Vaccaro

Matthew, age 3, and Christopher, age 1, sitting on Daddy's lap who is playing Santa. Obviously, they had no idea!

Credit: Noerr Programs

Eamonn,18 months

Credit: YiaYia - Miller Place

First time with Santa!

Credit: Noerr's

Jackson not-so-quietly sitting on Santa's lap at the Smith Haven Mall on Tuesday, December 20th, 2016

Credit: Mom Katerina Langis

George Langis

Credit: ecascio7

Kaylee Jade Lynch, 17 months on December 13, 2012. Although her shirt says, "I Love Santa" that's clearly not the case here! Taken at the Westfield Sunrise Mall

Credit: Darlene Hogan North Babylon

Stranger Danger Help Me Maama !! Ayden doesn't know the fat man.

Amityville tree lighting

Someone's not happy!

The Jakubowski Quads (Liam, Madison, Kendall and Kayleigh) are not enjoying their visit to Santa as much as dad, Steven, is enjoying it.

Credit: Melville

Ava Belle saying who is this person!

Credit: Patricia Cunningham, East Norwic

My daughter didn't like Santa :(

Credit: Sue from Commack

My nephews: Jack is smiling and Patrick not so much. I love Santa's wink.

Credit: Margaret Leary Bethpage, NY

Catatonic child in Chinatown.

Credit: Cristy Izzo, Rocky Point

One horrified and one mystified.

Credit: Brendan O'Connor, Amityville

Our three sons, James, Patrick and Kevin went to breakfast with Santa on December 6, 2015 at St. Martin of Tours School in Amityville. Our youngest, Kevin, was not a fan.

Credit: Evan Vieira from Melville, NY

Alexandra, age 20 months, not impressed with Santa; with mom at FDNY children's holiday party December 2015.

Credit: Cristy Izzo, Rocky Point

Help me, Mommy!

Zack not having it!!!

Credit: Nadine Prezkuta

Took my daughter Ava for her first picture with Santa. As the picture shows, it did not go well at all.

Credit: Mary O'Farrell long beach

Hicks nursery in Westbury, New York -- Brody Michael 1 years old.

Credit: Crystal Hoffmann, shirley

Ryan was really excited to see Santa, until we got there!

Credit: jennifer Davis

My daughter Nicole the age of 3 not to fond of santa

Credit: Photographer. Sunrise mall

Owen is happy....Henry, not so much

Credit: Oceanside

My brother Jeff and Me in 1969.

Credit: Smithaven Mall, Lake Grove NY

Rylee 2 years old. Was so excited to see Santa... Until she actually saw Santa

Some people just love to scare kids!

Alison Bedell didn't like strangers!

Credit: fairlawn mall

Sometimes it is impossible get three young kids to cooperate, somehow the chaos in this picture is perfect.

Who is this man?!?!?!?

I guess Francesca isn't a fan of Santa but look at her sister Angelina's face ( wonderng why is she crying) and Gabriella is smiling away hoping francesca will stop crying.

Joshua and Alexander having Cookies and Milk with Santa in Glen Cove. Things were going good until Alex realized whose lap he was sitting on. I love the look on Josh's face when he realizes it is not going to be good!

Someone didn't like meeting Santa today!

They were so excited to see Santa until the minute they got on his lap! Jack was the first to start crying and then when she saw her brother crying, Gracelyn wanted nothing to do with him either. Smith haven Mall 2010

Eileen Hagerman, circa 1965.

My son Robert at a Christmas party in 1991

My daughter Allison at around 2 years old ... (nearly 40 years ago) ... when going to Sears for your baby's picture with Santa was every parent's dream ... not so much! She loves Santa now; so do her 3 boys!

The Evolution of Santaphobia

My two and a half year old niece, Olivia, and her progressive fear of Santa Clause!

A frightened little Emily in the 1940s visited Santa Claus at a department store.

My daughter Carolyn ... (35 years ago) ... back at Sears for another frightening visit with Santa! I was so disappointed after standing in line forever back then. Now I cherish these photos so!

Gianna, 10 months. Meeting Santa for the very first time.

Liam and Molly Meringolo at the Bayville firehouse. Liam is not a fan of Santa Claus.

Someone's getting coal!

Dennis and Devin with Santa at the Smithhaven Mall.

Mia, age 1, with Santa at Walt Whitman Mall.

AJ - not a fan

Jasmyne Marie at the Festival of Trees 2013

I'm not afraid of Santa!!

I'm still not afraid, LOL!

Little does she know, this "Santa" is actually Daddy

Dennis and Devin with Santa.

Layla not having anything to do with Santa, while Joseph is saying "chill out, this Dude is cool!"

Kaitlyn, left, sits calmly as Grace, right, grabs for mom. (December 1991)

And Santa could care less!!

Emily (age 4) and Ryan (age 2) obviously have a difference of opinion about their meeting with old Saint Nick. Not sure if Emily is happier about seeing Santa, or Ryan's lack of enthusiasm with this meeting. This photo was taken at Smith Haven mall in Lake Grove, NY Dec 2nd 2012.

1 1/2 year old Jacob refused to sit on Santa's lap and this was the only picture where he would even stand close to him but he would not look at him.

She was less than thrilled to meet Saint Nick.

Miles was not happy.

Lauren's first trip to see Santa and she wasn't quite thrilled at all! Big brother Andrew was rather indifferent!

Lauren wasn't too excited the second time she saw Santa either!

HI, This is my grandson Julius Machado with santa on Dec.17,2011 at 1 years old. Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!

Camryn, 3 and Cassidy, 16 months went to visit santa. Camryn was trying to smile but started crying as soon as she hit his lap and Cassidy cried at the site of him!!! Poor Santa!!!

Elisabeth and Marguerite in 1985.

This was taken last year at the Smithaven Mall. My youngest daughter Victoria (2) was petrified. Angelina 7 (L) and Julianna 5 (R) are happily smiling away.

Samantha (4 yrs) and Lauren (1 yr) from Christmas 2009. Lauren is still scared of Santa two years later.

Brian wasn't having it. Did not like santa this year.


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