Co-owners of Cuffed: Gabriella Testani, Alexa Posa, Jasmine Rivera and Desiree...

Co-owners of Cuffed: Gabriella Testani, Alexa Posa, Jasmine Rivera and Desiree Wetzler. The permanent jewelry boutique opened June 22 in Commack. Credit: Cuffed

Between the vibrant blue and purple walls, bold cheetah-print accents and shiny disco balls at the just-opened jewelry boutique Cuffed in Commack, it’s obvious why the owners call it “very vibey.”

“We want girls to come in and have fun and take cute selfies with their bracelets and friends,” says Alexa Posa, 33, one of several businesswomen in the beauty industry who joined forces to launch the shop.

In addition to eyebrow specialist Posa, aesthetician Desiree Wetzler, 32, and hairstylists Gabriella Testani, 26, and Jasmine Rivera, 34, complete the founding foursome. The shop opened on June 22 at Phenix Salon Suites, where they have professional spaces.

“We all left our other jobs and started our own individual journeys in our careers,” says Rivera, adding that the group’s friendship grew over the past year as Phenix neighbors. “We figured permanent jewelry would be a great extension for our own businesses.”

The new shop has been in the works for several months, necessary time to secure a space, equipment and merchandise. “Jasmine originally mentioned it to us, and we all fell in love with the idea,” says Testani. “It took time to figure out all the logistics and how to make it work for the four of us.”

Clasp-free jewelry is a trendy and symbolic accessory. “It’s fun. It brings people together,” says Wetzler, adding that friends, siblings, bridal parties and others look for matching bling as a fun and meaningful way to mark a forever bond.

Permanent jewelry is made using a small, precise welder to fuse the ends of the jewelry chain, creating a seamless piece. This process is quick, painless, and ensures the jewelry — bracelets, necklaces, anklets and rings — stays securely in place. In a pinch, you can always snip the chain.

Cuffed offers a variety of gold and silver chains at various price points. Bracelets run around $40 and up, depending on the style (such as sterling silver or gold-plate) and chain length. Charms ($15 per charm) can be added for a one-of-a-kind look. Cuffed staff are available to travel for parties and events.

Collective girl power, plus each other’s individual experiences and expertise, will come in handy at Cuffed. Rivera spoke for the group when she shared the key to success. “Be who you are and true to yourself,” she said, “and do what you love.”

That’s more than a mantra; that’s a vibe.

Cuffed, 118 Veterans Memorial Hwy., Commack. For an appointment, contact Instagram @cuffed.ny or email


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