Donald Trump has introduced a new fragrance for men called,...

Donald Trump has introduced a new fragrance for men called, "Success by Trump," available at Macy's on April 1. Credit: Handout

Donald Trump is banking on the sweet smell of “Success,” his new cologne for men that will launch at Macy’s in April.

The product, available in a rectangular bottle with a chunky, silver cap includes top notes of juniper, red currant and coriander – middle notes of ginger, bamboo and geranium and bottom notes of birch wood and musk.   It was created in collaboration with Yann Vasnier from Givaudan fragrance and developer, Jennifer Mullarkey.

Like the mogul himself, wow, this stuff is powerful as in –whew -- strong, though it's kind of on the sweet side, (not generally a Trump attribute).  In other words, apply sparingly.

“Attention to detail is critical in everything I do,” said Trump in a statement.  “This extends to choosing a great scent that exudes,” (again, exudes being the operative word) “sophistication and confidence.”

Success by Trump sells for $45 for 1.7 fl. oz or $55 for 3.5 fl. oz.  There’s also an after shave ($40) and a deodorant ($14).