So '90s: Get your grunge on with this fun, oversized...

So '90s: Get your grunge on with this fun, oversized topper that is cozy and cool, $198 at Free People stores and Credit: Free People

So long, sundresses, flimsy tops and summery florals. So what now? The good news heading into the fall season is that you don’t need to purge your closet or do a major wardrobe restock.

First, check out what you already have, says Adam Glassman, creative director of O the Oprah Magazine. “Everything old is new again, with a significant nod to the '70s and '90s,” he says.  “And you probably own a lot of it, you just need to put it together in new ways. There’s no reason to run out and change up your whole wardrobe.”

Stylist Kelly Gerber, an Old Westbury native, who is affiliated with personal styling service, where women can connect with stylists virtually, suggests clients buy a few new statement items -- a new bag, blazer or boots. “Mix it up with something you’ve already owned for years and you feel really comfortable in,” she says.

Yesenia Torres, design director at ELOQUII, the online size 14-plus brand, says that elevated sparkle fabric and animal prints have made a "huge resurgence,” and that the '90s are back, although  “with a more subdued and sophisticated hand.”

Glassman calls the ubiquitous animal print “the new neutral. It matches nothing and goes with everything.”

A kinder, gentler salute to punk, in terms of plaid, along with those iconic beefy Doc Martens (and combat boots in general) "are totally back,” he says. 

As for sparkle — it's no longer just for dress up,” says Torres.  “It’s being defined as more casual. You can wear a sparkle pencil skirt for evening, or toss on a pair of sneakers with it,” she says. The trend extends into pants, bomber jackets, one-shoulder tops and T-shirts.

Lovely leopard: Animal print isn't always fierce as evidenced by...

Lovely leopard: Animal print isn't always fierce as evidenced by this sweet leopard print wrap blouse with flirty trumpet sleeves pink, $24.99 at H&M stores at Garden City, Hicksville and Massapequa and Credit: H&M

“Live it up and make your outfit the life of the party," Glassman says. "Or wherever you’re going.”


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