NewsdayTV's Elisa DiStefano and celebrity stylist Samantha Brown have tips on how you can stay warm, and fashionable, this winter.

Mantra for the moment: Stay warm. Winter coat aside, suddenly you find yourself piling on every piece of clothing you own to fend off the temps without a thought to looking even somewhat fashionable. Maybe that’s OK for walking the dog, but these days, there’s little reason to bulk up when there are so many types of garments designed with intentional, yet not apparent, warming features. Winter fashion is different, but can be quite chic.

So says celebrity stylist Samantha Brown. “It’s a balancing act. Dressing in colder temperatures is challenging because we never want to overdo it with the layers or feel the need to shed everything the moment we go inside,” says Brown, whose work often brings her to Long Island. “The key here is layering the thinner pieces and being strategic about how they work together to complete your outfit.” 

And now, according to Brown, is a very good time to amp up the toasty factor.

One warning: “Oversized silos are still trending so, be cautious to wear one at a time, and keep everything underneath more fitted to the body.” 

Here are a few ways to both look and feel good in the coldest of months:


Most experts agree “it’s all about that base” when it comes to staying warm in the winter. Maybe it’s as simple and lightweight as a gossamer — thin underpinning, but there’s warming magic in body-hugging pieces that provide an easy, form-fitting contour to top with almost everything from chunky sweaters to pants, skirts and dresses to even (yes!) men’s suits.

For women, the bestselling Cuddl Duds “softwear with stretch” top (around $34 at Kohl's) is “a hero piece,” according to Alexandra Karcev, of Farmingdale, the longtime marketing director of the layering brand. It's thin, made of rayon and spandex, and intended to be bulk-free. “It’s designed to help retain your body temperature.” 

Double-layered Cuddl Duds "softwear and stretch" underpinnings and cozy fleece leggings...

Double-layered Cuddl Duds "softwear and stretch" underpinnings and cozy fleece leggings and tops help two models take on the frosty weather at Camusett State Park in Lloyd Harbor. Items shown here range in price from $30 to $54 and are available at Kohl’s and Credit: Cuddl Duds

Another well-priced, warmer-upper hails from the Japanese brand Uniqlo known for its Heattech collection comprised of an innovative fabric, that not only retains heat but also generates warmth. Their collection has continued to expand beyond layering pieces and now offers trouser-like pants for men and women (stretch legging pants run $39.90), along with accessories — including a super warm scarf that often sells out, gloves and socks.


This season’s warming TikTok sensation are fleece-lined leggings and tights that...

This season’s warming TikTok sensation are fleece-lined leggings and tights that look like pantyhose; these feature comfortable waistbands, come in different skin tones and keep legs toasty. Oh yeah, and folks say they’re almost indestructible. There are loads of brands available online. These run from $8 to $15, from

This winter’s warming star may well be the fleece-lined tight which has gone wild on TikTok, generating mostly high marks from users all over the globe. They look like pantyhose, come in different sheer-looking skin tones, and while warm, are sleek enough to wear with a regular shoe.

TikTok users give the product (there are many brands available online) high marks, one calling it, “Perfect for the miniskirt trend or teacher yard duty.” At fast fashion e-commerce platform Shein, the powers have taken note. Maxine Silva, senior director of brand PR there calls the product, “A very hot item … with a discreet layer of warmth. With over one thousand reviews, our customers seem to love them because they’re comfortable, durable and gives them the freedom to style by layering underneath shorter bottoms.” Shein styles run from $8 to $15.

For added fashion fun (and warmth) there are plush leggings ($10) at Roosevelt Field Mall's newest spot, Primark; velvet on the outside with a cushy faux fur lining made of recycled polyester with plenty of folks declaring love for the product on social media. Again, the product’s popularity has been noted by the company. “They provide serious warmth but also the comfort to wear them inside and out without sacrificing style,” says Colm Mooney, commercial manager, Primark Us, who adds the leggings are “a bestseller.”

As for your beloved jeans, they offer very cold comfort around now, (unless you’re wearing a warm legging underneath) but preholiday, Talbots introduced a “luxe touch ankle” style that features a cashmere-blend lining that feels luxurious and is a wind blocker.

Also, to consider, it really is leather weather and there’s an explosion of faux and the real stuff in the marketplace.


Snug, stylish and on-trend this season is the sweater dress. This...

Snug, stylish and on-trend this season is the sweater dress. This one in honeycomb cable wool will fend off the chill and keep things comfy and cool; $280 at Banana Republic. Credit: Banana Republic

Dresses (and skirts) are not a typical winter go-to and those filmy little dresses may have to stay in your closet for a bit (although with thermal under pieces may still be wearable). But the season’s popular sweater dress is a fantastic go-to with its often-roomy shape and woolly material.

“They’re comfortable and can be dressed up and down and are a great base layer for a faux fur vest, cashmere shawl, moto jacket or wool blazer,” says Brown who suggests wearing boots and cozy socks over tights to keep feet warm. “Nobody will know they’re hidden underneath.”

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