NuBest salon and spa is offering a new haircut called...

NuBest salon and spa is offering a new haircut called the "Jagger." Credit: Marco Ovando

Is the New Year a time for a new ‘do?  Stylists Jamie and Vincent Mazzei of nuBest Salon and Spa in Manhasset are feeling the moment and to that end, have created a sexy, fresh hairstyle that combines that late 70’s/early 80’s rock ‘n’ roll vibe with a brand new cosmopolitan chic.

They’re calling it the “Jagger,” (oh, please allow me to re-introduce myself), and it features – natch -- jagged layers, heavy fringe and the kind of versatility that allows it to be worn in at least four ways with most hair textures and types. 

Our fave is straight – it’s urban cool, coquettish but edgy, and what makes it are the light infused highlights (mega-glossy) that accentuate the dimension and shape of the haircut.  Also good, the tousled look, as well as the super wavy styling. The high-standing Mohawk-ish variation is a little too high fashion for regular gals (hullo, Sanjaya?) but for special occasions, certain types may pull it off. 

While Jamie Mazzei says the style incorporates iconic elements from the past (think Joan Jett, Studio 54 and yes, of course, Mick), he wanted to keep the cut, “fresh, modern, and most importantly, wearable.”  Change is good.  Try it.  For an appointment, call 516-627-9444.