Gothic glamour, and an anatomy lesson, come together in this...

Gothic glamour, and an anatomy lesson, come together in this Malvolia skeleton bodysuit, $26.72 at Credit: Handout

Halloween to-do list:

Step 1: Stitch face back together.

Step 2: Tease hair.

Step 3: Screeeeeeeeam!!!

Well . . . that's one way to go. Or you can take a tip from acclaimed Hollywood makeup artist Rick Baker. He teamed up with MAC to develop a special makeup collection you can use to create three ghoulish Halloween looks: a zombie, a "Day of the Dead" skull, or a monster bride. (And you thought bridezillas were a handful.)

No rusty scalpels or screwdrivers needed. The new line includes makeup pencils, acrylic paints, eyeliner and more -- plus video instructions on YouTube to guide you through the process.

"It's the same thing people do in beauty makeup -- you contour the face," says Baker in one video. "I just do it a lot more extreme," he says.

He's a pro, having won seven Oscars for his work on films like "An American Werewolf in London," "Men in Black" and "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." (If that wasn't enough, he's also worked on Michael Jackson's "Thriller.")

But the beauty of Halloween is that it's the one night we amateurs get to do what Baker does for a living -- get creative, and in touch with our gruesome side.

Not everyone's got the time or inclination, of course, so we've scoured stores for simpler ways to keep you in the spooky spirit.

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