The latest fashion color trend continuing to gain popularity has...

The latest fashion color trend continuing to gain popularity has been named "millennial pink." Credit:

Millennials are thinking pink, literally. The latest fashion color trend, appropriately named “millennial pink,” is resonating with the generation, and it just can’t seem to get enough of the dreamy tone. New York Magazine reports the color first started gaining popularity in 2012 as a “toned down version of Barbie Pink,” in a variety of shades. And now it’s everywhere.

The shade earned its name in 2016, when Pantone announced Rose Quartz as color of the year. So it’s no coincidence that Apple’s rose quartz iPhones are a favorite, and other companies continue to see success with millennial pink, featuring the color on items ranging from accessories and clothing to product packaging.

Also known as Tumblr Pink, the shade is prevalent on social media, complimentary when used with Instagram filters, and showing up on store fronts and fashion runways.

The generation has spoken and continues to debunk the stereotype that pink is just for girls: it’s apparently become gender neutral. The color tone is flattering, calm and subtle, and the report concluded, “50 percent of millennials believe that gender runs on a spectrum — this pink is their genderless mascot.”