Spirit + Soul Studio in Babylon, owned by Tiffany Cohen, is more than just a shopping experience. It's a place, she says, where others can find support in their spiritual journey. NewsdayTV's Senior Lifestyle Host Elisa DiStefano explains.  Credit: Newsday Staff

Tiffany Cohen thought she was happy with her corporate job underwriting large commercial loans for a local bank. She was proud that she had worked herself up to a management position and thought her life was headed in the right direction.

Then came the tears.

“I did the things that society tells us we are supposed to do: graduate college, get a good job, make a lot of money, get married, have a family, get the nice office. I honestly never realized there was another way,” Cohen says. “Then after one particularly bad day, I stood in my office sobbing. This moment shifted my perspective. I realized that I had a choice and could create the life I wanted to see. I took my power back.”

Cohen, a 40-year-old Oakdale resident, now works full-time at Spirit + Soul Studio — a metaphysical supply store in Babylon she started as a side business during her corporate days. Besides things like crystals, books, oracle and tarot decks, herbs and Cohen’s line of all-natural organic tea, studio offerings include classes, workshops, parties and retreats to help other women on their spiritual journey to empowerment. 

Spirit + Soul began as a virtual platform in June 2021 with occasional in-person events, then in January 2022 its brick-and-mortar location opened at 73A West Main St. 

While Cohen says she’s grateful for her corporate experience, she says it was stressful and had become a “toxic” environment for her. She says she would just tell herself, “That’s life,” when she felt upset during that time, and she was OK just having her studio as a part-time venture.

On the Spirit + Soul website, Cohen describes the studio as “an amazing place where busy, spiritual people can find one-stop shopping to explore their spirituality,” and where you’re encouraged to “create a life from your spirit and soul.” Her bio includes soul coach, Reiki master, crystal energy therapist and master manifestor.

Cohen and her husband, Andrew, 45 (a server at George Martin’s Strip Steak in Great River), have two children, Gavin, 10, and Nico, 6; and she says her move out of corporate life has been best for everyone. 

“I got to pull forward what I feel makes good business and leave behind what I feel doesn’t make for a good working environment,” Cohen says about dedicating all her work efforts to Spirit + Soul. “We get stuck in this hamster wheel and take for granted the world around us. We do the same things over and over and repeat every day. We think that life can only be the way it’s been.”

At Spirit + Soul, women are taught life can be challenging but it is also full of opportunities and options, she adds.

Cohen says, “If we look at everything as it is, as energy, and understand the law of attraction, then we can understand how crystals, crystal jewelry, intention candles and teas, all help us manifest the things we want.” 

The shop is located at 73A W. Main St., in Babylon. Open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from noon to 7 p.m., Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday from noon to 4 p.m. Closed Tuesday; 631-314-4444.


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