Hilary Swank’s got a new film coming out in October — “Conviction,” co-starring Minnie Driver and Peter Gallagher — and that means Hil’s got premieres to prep for. 

So she popped in to Pamella Roland’s spring presentation at the Whitney Museum Tuesday for a bit of window shopping. 

“This is nice, you can wear this for day,” Swank said of an ivory dress with gauzy cutouts.  Then she spotted a blue and white skinny column gown across the room.  “Oooh,” Swank coos, “it looks like it’s held up with one really thin strap.” 

Actually, it’s a strapless, Roland points out, and what looks like a strap is the crease where the mannequin’s arm meets the shoulder.   Hmmm.  Swank seems less enthused.  But she might want to reconsider.  That’s Roland’s “evil eye” dress, inspired by an evil eye bracelet from Greece. 

“The evil eye protects you from evil spirits,” Roland explains.  “Oh?” Swank says, looking skeptical.  Might it also ward off harsh movie critics, we ask?  “Oh, yes — in that case, I better just give her the dress,” Roland said, smiling.