Three89, a boutique, gallery and content space in Coram is...

Three89, a boutique, gallery and content space in Coram is focused on spotlighting Black-owned businesses and artists.   Credit: Philana Aiken

A new boutique in Coram aims to help give creators a place to make art, and to sell it.

A joint venture of Philana Aiken, owner of L.I. Boutique and Art Gallery in Mastic and Dave Simon, owner of the Bay Shore-based casual clothing line Natural Born, Three89 is a content creation space where artists can make their own podcasts, shoot photos and videos and shop products made by other Long Islanders. It opened in August.

“This is pretty much a new hub and a houseful of creative minds,” says Aiken, who is a photographer herself and owner of Phenomenal Reflections photo studio, which also operates out of the Coram location. Inside the boutique, artists will find a production team on hand to assist in their creations, professional lighting equipment and a soundproof booth for recordings.

In addition to creators she’s worked with in the Mastic space and boutique where she carries Black-owned clothing lines, Aiken expects to attract more artists at Three89, from those involved in making visual arts to music to poetry. 

“There’s a lot of artists out there who don’t have a place to be creative,” says Aiken. 

The content creation space rental costs between $75 and $150 per hour. It can be rented for up to six hours and is limited to people 21 or older. Creators renting the space must bring their own photo/video cameras and recording equipment. 

Three89 also includes a boutique primarily focused on selling casual and streetwear clothing, hats and artwork by local Black-owned businesses, including Bronx-based Sunny Sofancyy's clothing line, The Fancyy Life. 

"I also do music, so her entire space is actually fantastic. I plan to shoot videos and produce some content there,” Sofanccy says.

Aiken also hopes to hold candle making and other classes with different artisans to help give them more visibility.

“I believe that I’m making a difference and an impact on them just to keep doing what I’m doing and improving as I go. And they’re watching,” says Aiken.

Prices range from $5 for a casual dress to $2,200 for artwork.

Three89, 389 Middle Country Rd., Coram, 631-578-0097.


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