There’s something irresistible about Jason Wu’s work – obviously the first lady couldn’t help herself – and the designer continues to refine his vision. 

Inspired, said notes, by the balance, patterns and movement in the work of Brazilian artist Beatriz Millhazes, power dressing includes swanky sportswear – elongated trousers, perfectly tailored lean jackets in whites and grays.

To lighten the mood, Wu pairs these with sheer, feminine blouses or, in one case, a nude, flower-laden bra. (Bras overall were unfortunately absent, so you won’t be seeing many of the sheer looks here.) 

There was color galore – violet, hot pink (a rather Obama-esque sheath turned up in this shade), lime and some peppy striped knits. Best were the joyous sprays of flowers – particularly the ones that stood off garments like cake decorations.  

The Wu empire continues to expand with a new collection of handbags and shoes.  Wu-hoo!!