This clever captioning job was sent in by Vince Kish, my pal over at Old Westbury Gardens, who suggests I hold a comic gardening pictures contest. Since we won't have very much else to do soon besides thumbing through gardening catalogs and marking big red Xs on our calendars, just counting the days until spring, we might as well have a little fun with our Photoshopping skills.

So, while this isn't officially a  "contest" (that would require the involvement of lawyers and rules and all sorts of mandates that take the fun out of these things), it is a collection of off-season creativity submitted by readers.

Upload your photos here, and the best ones will get a mention on the blog, maybe an appearance in Newsday and, who knows? I might even use the opportunity to relieve myself of a couple of the many pieces of swag covering my desk.

Click here to upload your doctored picture. I have just one rule: The photo must belong to you. Oh, and keep it clean, people, this is a family newspaper. OK. Go!