The Viking kittens hit the high seas.

The Viking kittens hit the high seas. Credit:

Furback Fridays: A look at some favorite pop culture pets of yore.

Led Zeppelin was not a band known for its sense of humor. Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and John Bonham certainly knew how to have a good time (read the Led Zep bio "Hammer of the Gods" for proof), but their music, drenched as it was in mysticism and sexual prowess, was never laugh-inducing. They took their rock 'n' roll seriously.

Which is why the Viking kittens' take on "The Immigrant Song" of several years ago was -- and remains -- so brilliant. As Plant dips into Norse mythology, singing about "the land of the ice and snow" and rhyming "gore" with "war," the helmet-clad felines vibrate in a ancient vessel built for rough seas. The juxtaposition of the driving, bass-heavy tune and soft kitties crooning via speech bubbles makes a hard rock song soft and fuzzy. This video is surely an example of Photoshop being used for Pure Good.

So in honor of Furback Fridays, take a look at this golden gem of yore. (App users, view the video at

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