Newsday readers submitted love notes to their sweethearts for Valentine's...

Newsday readers submitted love notes to their sweethearts for Valentine's Day. Credit: MCT

Love is all around today.

We asked readers to share a love note or Valentine's Day poem dedicated to their special someone, and dozens of true romantics heeded the call. Some messages were touching, some had a touch of humor, but all of them had plenty of heart.

Here are some of our favorites.


I fish for cod

I fish for flounder,

But it was through

plenty of fish,

that I finally found her

-- Ed Ryan, Bay Shore, to his wife, Jennifer



A greater love cannot be found

Upon this bountiful earth

What's mine is precious and returned

Immense in all its worth

The sun, the stars, the moon above

Complete a constellation

The breadth of feelings seems so far

Beyond my expectations

-- Linda J. Sardone, Sound Beach, to her husband, John


Out to the woods just you and me,

one with nature in harmony.

Take my hand and we will go,

every season reveals nature's show.

The winding trail, the trees abound,

stopping to listen to the wonderful sound.

The call of a bird, the rushing stream,

The forest's creatures abound though unseen.

Out to the woods just you and me

the trail ahead beckons -- come along, let's see

what treasures await, what wonders may come,

It's better with two instead of just one.

Out to the woods, just you and me

Kindred spirits and feeling free!

-- Kathy Zullo, Bellmore, to her husband, Tony


When I first met you

the space breathed

between us

the sky closed around us

and I just knew.

Somewhere in time

we kissed a sunset

whispered to the moon

and danced.

-- Sue Henn, Farmingdale, to her husband, Tom


Don't sing me love songs,

someone else's light heart

full heart

broken heart

Or send flowers that will smile,

then bend,

and soon lay in defeat, scattered on my piano

Don't bring me chocolates,

the lush or bittersweet,

a momentary rush

and then sadness in an empty cardboard box

No, on Valentine's Day just smile,

your hand in mine,

like Cupid's arrow,

its heat piercing a cold winter's day

-- Sherri London Pastolove, Westbury, to her husband, Michael


We have been through

so much together over the years

Illness, loss, disappointment and fear

But each day when I look into those big beautiful brown eyes

I always know everything will be all right.

You are my heart, my soul, my everything, my gorgeous wife

And for this I am blessed to love and cherish you for life.

So on this special occasion, St. Valentine's Day

I wish you love, good health and happy birthday!

-- Beverly Boyarsky, North Babylon, to Sally Boyarsky, whose birthday is Feb. 14


Sent to me from heaven above

The sweetest gifts, the deepest love.

From my blood, from my flesh

Bonds unbreakable above the rest.

Nourishing your bodies and your souls

Protecting your innocence to the best of my control.

These blessings are my little girl and boy

They fill my heart with pride and joy.

-- Heather Nichols, Farmingville, to her children, Ella Rae and Gavin Christopher


My husband's the man that I adore,

There's no one my full heart could want more,

When I'm asked what I'd change,

Just one thing I'd arrange,

Next time I'll take one that won't snore.

-- Eileen White Jahn of Rockville Centre to her husband, Chris


I love you this day and everyday

Your Husband

Your Woo


-- Stephen Lauren of Kings Park to his wife, Laney


It started with a kiss

Five Super Bowls ago

Now today I'm ever grateful

For the bounty that kiss did sow

Made official two weeks after

On Valentine's Day

Here we are, five years later

What more is there to say?

-- Rebecca Benison of Valley Stream to Chris Hoffmann


You will find, as we look back upon our life, that the moments when we have really lived, are the moments when we have done things in the spirit of love!!

Happy Valentines Day to my wonderful husband Bob, who has blessed me with 4 beauitful kids & has given me the most amazing life.....loved you then, now & will always love you forever....Gloria Ellen xoxo 

-- Gloria Luchsinger of Farmingville to her husband, Bob


When you say hurry up, I know that means be safe. When you tell me you miss me, I know you mean it. When you say I love you, I know it because I feel it. Happy Valentines Day my love!

-- Jess Onody, Medford, to Whitey


Nobody said it would be easy, they just said it would be worth it. In your green eyes I see my best friend, my hero, my soldier, my veteran, my husband and Treyson’s father. I love OUR story and can’t wait to begin the next chapter. 

-- Dana Marie Martin of Coram to her husband, Brian


We started out so young 15-16 to think how our love for each other still grows is unbelievable.To you I still pledge my heart n soul. LOVE BOB

-- Robert Wasnofski, Ronkonkoma, to Lucille Wasnofski


Happy Valentine's Day to My Husband.Jeff... I love you......Thanks for being My Best Friend and Always believing in Us....I love you the Most.......

-- Lisa of Baiting Holllow to Jeff


It was the best of times, It was the worst of times. Our 21 years together reads like classic novel. We have suffered our tragedies of loss and celebrated our blessings. All the time holding each other's hands as our love has grown stronger. Thank you for writting this romance novel with me, our story of soul mates and true love. I can't wait to write many more chapters with you by my side forver. I love you xoxo 

-- Christa Yamanita of Port Jefferson Station to "My Bunny Ken"


You have put love back into my life even if it is only for a limited amount of time! Let's just enjoy each other. xoxo

-- Kristina of Oceanside to Richie


Homage to Words

They fly from our mouths

Chaff in the wind.

So many take the air without meaning.

I measure each with a divining rod

To ensure a soft landing.

No wasted words to cream the air with rhymes,

Rather an homage to them

Respected allies and bedpartners

To end their suffering.

-- Sy Roth of Mount Sinai to Iris


We met on a flight

Vegas to New York-

He wore sneakers

A sport coat

Cute cargo shorts-

     It wasn't love at first sight

     But he looked like he might

     Be someone with whom I could walk...

-- Debra North, East Meadow, to "My Sir Richard"


Whether JetBue-'n

Or just canoe-'n

Your'e the best....


 Your Traveling Man-Rich

-- Richard Quaglio of Lindenhurst to Debbie


I love you to the moon and back, for always. Straight fact!

-- Erin to James 


If I was...

A bee I'd say, "bee my valentine."

A bird you would be my "tweet heart."

A cat I would let you know that you are "purrr-fect" for me.

But I rather pretend I'm an owl and let you know....

Owl always love you.

-- Erin to James 


I met my love on the 4th of July,

She made a watermelon boat that caught my eye!

I saw her smile and immediately knew

That knowing her was the thing to do!

Married 28 years, she's my best friend,

We are traveling life's highway, 'til we reach the end!

-- Bruce Levy, Mineola, to his wife, Susan


My hubby is sweet, funny and kind

Heart of gold, with arms that enfold

Our daughter adores him

Makes us both laugh

Knows EVERY line of ANY old show or movie

We EVER do catch!

My honey, my BFFL my hero, my pal

Now and forever I'm ALWAYS your gal!

-- Susan Levy, Mineola, to her husband, Bruce


You gave me

life, and love, and taught me how to live

a sense of family and home

roots to help me grow

wings to fly and live my life

You were always there to support me 

With advice or a shoulder to cry on

And now when you need ME most

I am there to hold YOUR hand

-- Terri Donahue of Center Moriches to her Mom