Winter is here and we want to see how you're making the most of it, from sledding and snowball fights to taking bundled-up selfies and more.

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Credit: Cooper Mom Nicolle

What to do on a snow day! Cooper goes sleigh riding at the hill his Daddy Scott made with his snowblower after the Noreaster

Credit: Jeffrey Rothburd

Adrienne, Molly and Noah Haft have fun in the snow after the March 21 noreaster

Credit: Barbara Hollander Wantagh

Rayan & Lauren enjoying playing in the snow. Forest Lake Elementary School in Wantagh. 3/22/18

Credit: Lisa Glynn, Levittiwn

Enjoying the snow day at Denton Park..

Credit: Amy Keyes, Patchogue

Charlotte and Juliet Keyes proud of ?Lucky,? the snowman they built in our yard in Patchogue.

Credit: Jeffrey Rothburd

Adrienne Haft, Allyson Rothburd and Noah Haft look on as Molly haft enjoys a sled ride after the March 21 noreaster

Credit: Kerry Lapine

When winter won't give up but your ready for summer!!! Riley Lapine and Sasha Gagnon building a Tropical Snow family!

Credit: Donna Panzarino, Rockville Centr

My granddaughter Eleanor Jaffa ( 2 1/2 years ) old building a snowman during the results of the March Madness snow storm .

Credit: Victoria Lenehan Deer Park

Justin getting ready to go sleigh riding

Credit: PK

Why not

Credit: Heather Shrader (Mom)

Happy ?Snow Day? Spring!!!! Ty (age 9) and Cade (age 7) Fichtl enjoy the second day of Spring having some fun in the snow near their home in Sea Cliff, NY.

Credit: Michelle - Bohemia

Our 7 month old baby, Julie, expresses all of our moods about this snow!

Credit: Lisa Glynn Levittown

Sledding in Denton Park

Credit: Diana Grubard

Maia and her Snowman..

Credit: James Meyerdierks, Oyster Bay

2 Seals, Rocking Out, Feburary , Montauk Light House

Credit: Jose R

Franky enjoying the Tuesday snow.

Credit: Drew Tassani Rockville Centre, N

(Right) Jonathan Tassani (Middle) Tara Tassani (Right) Daniel Tassani (Behind the camera) Drew Tassani most likely in his bathing suit too...Nothing can keep these snow bunnies away! On Wednesday, The Tassani Family of Rockville Centre, took to the slopes in their shorts and baiting suits at Ski Butternut in Great Barrington,MA.

Credit: Byrnn - East Northport

Cousin Snow Day March 22, 2018 Madison, Mia & James East Northport NY

Credit: Susan, selden

Aiden,5, with his Nor?Easter Bunny

Making the best out of it. From the Bibicoff family in West Babylon.

Credit: Claudine Clarke, Floral Park

Mackenzie made a Snow Bunny today in Floral Park.

Credit: Terence McSweeney

Elle & Paige McSweeney posing with their doggies Daisy, Neeve and of course Olaf.

Credit: Nicole Giffone - Mastic

My son Joseph and our family puppy Lulu were building a snowman during the snowstorm on Tuesday 03/13/18. As you can see in the picture LuLu wanted to eat the snowman. LOL Fun times!

Credit: Jeff Rothburd, Dix Hills, NY

Ada and Bob of Farmingdale enjoying a balmy February day at Sunken Meadow State Park

Credit: Photo by mom brandy

Giant union snowman built for Mr Smiles Robert ugenti by his dad jason 3/8/18 Commack ny

Credit: Mom brandy

First sleigh ride

Credit: Diane Greco Wantagh NY

Someone is in a good mood!!! South shore February 15, 2018

Credit: Stephanie Gagliardi

Gagliardi brothers, Gregory & Justin, enjoying snow day off from school, January 2018!!

Credit: Linda Karlin

Joanne Henriquez from Valley Stream mesmerized with the beautiful sunset on Feb. 20, 2018 at North Woodmere Park.

Credit: Mike Vacca

A Valentine Couple! Photo taken at Brightwaters Pond 1/23/18

Credit: Mallory Kerley, Massapequa Park

Grayson Kerley took full advantage of the snow day!

Credit: Christine Lisette Photography

Snowy Owl

Credit: Popa ugenti

Snow fun

Credit: claire reilly from inwood l.i.n.

Eastern Screech Owl 2/8/18 Massapequa Preserve

Credit: Katherine Plant, Fort Salonga

Swans making a heart on Valentine?s Day

Credit: Steven Danielson

Seals sunbathing in the wind on a sandbar at low tide near Moriches Inlet, Monday February 5th.

Credit: John Ratomski

Marianne Russ at San Souci Preserve.

Credit: Angela Scolaro

A dusting of snow blankets the sand in Long Beach?s West End.

Credit: Kaitlin Schaaf, Yaphank NY

All eyes on you! Wild deer at Smithpoint Beach this winter.

Credit: Kathleen St Jeanos, Massapequa

Golden Retriever Ellie and her Grandpa make a snowman today at park.

Credit: Kathleen Desiderio

Super Moon rising this week at the Orient Point Lighthouse.

Credit: Angela Gratta

Brothers Andrew and Eric Gratta home for Christmas visit a favorite LI location, Fire Island Lighthouse. December 26, 2017

Credit: Marianne Russ

Getting some practice time..Backyard rink. John Ratomski

Credit: Maddy Fullam from Northport

A wintery beach day!

Credit: Katherine Plant, Fort Salonga

Walked callahan?s beach in Northport on Valentine?s Day morning. Saw two swans and asked them to make a heart for me. And, omg, they did!!

Credit: Danielle Leef - Southampton

Defying gravity, a surfer at Coopers Beach in Southampton on 1/30/18

Credit: Andy G, Smithtown

Mr. Snowman visits a buddy in Smithtown, Jan. 30 2018.

Credit: Dana Creaven, Babylon

Christian Creaven-Tintella, 8, tubing with friends in Deer Park.

Credit: Krista Calvanese

Vincent, 3, is all smiles making snow angels in the snow! (Winter photo submission)

Credit: Michelle sayville

Snow day

Credit: Popa ugenti

Snow fun Michael 21/2 Connor 11/2 Enjoy first sleigh ride at their new house Miller place with dad Greg

Credit: Mom

Keeping warm with hot cocoa and s?mores

Credit: Sandra Tom Melville

Madison 9 and Sammy 7 sledding in the first big snow of the season.

Credit: Sandra Tom, Melville

Pigs on ice! Madison 9 and Sammy 7 skating in our backyard. Melville 1/3/18

Credit: Mom

15 months of fun

Credit: Heather Shrader (Mom)

Ty ( age 9) and Cade ( age 7) Fichtl outside is their backyard after the blizzard.

Credit: Kelly Steinmann

Sleigh riding with friends

Credit: Danielle Albanese-Samuel

Happy for a snow day

Credit: Judy Perrera, Central Islip, NY

Heckscher State Park, January 2. Frank Perrera taking a walk along the beach at Heckscher. Temperatures were in the teens.

Credit: Alison Camardella, sea cliff, ny

James Camardella, age 9, enjoying his snow day on doing trampoline tricks Thursday in Sea Cliff, LI.

Credit: CassandrA powell

Jailynn 8, Kailee 7, and Caliyah 4 climbing snow mounds!!!!

Credit: Stef

Charlotte is all smiles in the first Blizzard of 2018.

Credit: Sandra Tom, Melville

Sammy Tom 7 flipping over the snow! Melville on Thursday 1/4/18

Michael helping Mom shovel with his new red shovel!

Credit: Sandra Tom, Melville

Madison Tom 9 'Doesn't everyone have an ice rink in their backyard?" Melville. 1/1/18

Credit: Melissa Jones, Wantagh

Aleena fascinated by all the snow. Her first real snowstorm.

Credit: Mom

Braving the wind

before and after.

Credit: Jennifer, East Islip

Leo walking in a winter wonderland.

Credit: TJ Clemente

Cindi Sansone-Braff cross country skiing in East Patchogue with a frozen lake in the backgrounds.

Credit: Dr Greg Gulbransen of Syosset, N

New Year's Day comes to a close with one last game of hockey at Beaver Damn, Locust Valley. Mother, Mina, and daughter, Mina (aged 6), Mitby playing hockey in single digit temps during sunset.

Jimmy and Carly Brady of sayville are getting ready for the winter classic

Credit: Grandma

Gus is loving the snow

Credit: Sonia Garrido / HOBAS

Kids not only learn about wildlife and nature but also get to make their own pinecone bird feeders!

Credit: Jill Parisi

Carlos Navarrete walking with his dog Pancho on a snowy trail at Belmont Lake state park at 2 pm Dec. 9, 2017.

Credit: Diane Banner Huntington ny

Kennedy's first masterpiece of the season!!

Credit: Jill Galina , Commack

Biscuit loving the snow

Credit: Kat Hughes East Patchogue

Snow in East Patchogue

Credit: Jamie Lyn Lomino, Medford, New Y

Nico Thomas failed attempt at doing a Snow Angel

Credit: Jacqueline Llewellyn Sea Cliff

Sean, Michael, & Jack Llewellyn having a snowball fight after snowstorm on Feb 9 in Sea Cliff.

Credit: Joyce Ehlich, Islip

Bright Snow in Brightwaters

Credit: Jacqueline Llewellyn Sea Cliff

Sledding in Sea Cliff with Mom and Dad. Michael is on his way with Dad ready to push him down the hill. His brother is cheering him on!

Credit: Bob Gelabert, Northport

The snowday called for a record making igloo. A 6 by 15 foot igloo, 2 rooms, fitting up to 14 people, with chairs, and a table.

Credit: Joyce Ehlich, Islip

Bright Snow in Brightwaters

Credit: Joyce Ehlich, Islip

Bright Snow in Brightwaters

Credit: Dana Molino

Devin loving the snow!!!!

Credit: Chris Schmutzler from Farmingvil

Beautiful scenery after the snow! This was taken on Main St. in Center Moriches, NY after the snow on Friday 3/10/17.

Sun and snow

Credit: Joyce Ehlich, Islip

Bright Snow in Brightwaters

Credit: Family friend Ekaterina Kotkova

My granddaughter Brynn Decker, 4 years old, enjoying sledding in her hometown of Springs. This photo was taken on Friday 2/10/2017, the day after the blizzard on Thursday.

Perhaps one of the last snowstorms of this winter!

A glorious day in a winter wonderland

Credit: Adam Miller (New York City)

Today's snow blizzard on Broadway in Lower Manhattan

Credit: Cloe Adrian/Bethpage

Sunset on Avoca ave, Bethpage.

Credit: Lisa Ingargiola

Sunset in Fort Salonga after the storm .

Credit: Heather Shrader

Snow Sweet Snow. A picturesque photo of our home during the snow storm.

Credit: Adam Miller (New York City)

Today's snow blizzard on Broadway in Lower Manhattan

Credit: Chris Urso

Prosser Pines

Credit: Adam Miller (New York City)

Today's snow blizzard on Broadway in Lower Manhattan

Credit: Adam Miller (New York City)

Today's snow blizzard on Broadway in Lower Manhattan

Credit: Eileen Taurisano

Valentina enjoying the snow

Credit: Nancy Lembo East Northport

Jonathan age12 sleigh riding in his backyard

Credit: Jenny- Farmingdale

Katelyn and Jessica Turzer - having "snow" much fun sledding at Cedar Creek Park.

Credit: Adam Miller (New York City)

Today's snow blizzard on Broadway in Lower Manhattan

Credit: John East Hampton

Looking out front door

Credit: Heather Shrader (mom)

Let's go sledding!!! Ty (age 8) and Cade (age 6) Fichtl hit the nearby slopes after school to have some fast snowy fun.

Credit: Lisa Ingargiola

Sunset in Fort Salonga after the storm .

Credit: Dennis Masterson


Credit: David Boller, Long Beach NY

Make it a great day!

Protecting the fort

Credit: Karin Dallas, New Hyde Park

Colton playing in the snow in New Hyde Park during Niko

Credit: Laura in Holbrook

Day after Blizzard 2017 outside my house in Holbrook



Credit: Kristen

Baby Joey enjoying his first snow storm!

Credit: Kathleen M. Travers

Orient Harbor from the causeway

Credit: Susanne Glen Head

Blizzard 2017 Backyard sunset

Having fun in the snow

Credit: Kathleen M. Travers

Founders' Landing

Credit: Lou

Jules and Lenny - playing in the snow

Credit: Kathleen M. Travers

Birds partying

Credit: Lou

The beginning

Credit: Susanne Glen Head

Beautiful blizzard sunset

Credit: Jonathan Roddin

Will's first time in the snow!

February Blizzard

Credit: Jennifer Cummins

Daughter (Datura Lynn) about to throw a snowball at mom (Jennifer) during the snowstorm.

The cleanup begins.

Credit: Nick from North Babylon

Jt from North Babylons first igloo

Credit: Lou DeTurris

Jules and Allie building shelter!

Credit: Kathleen M. Travers

Room with a Biew

Credit: Sarah Mortensen East Hampton

Having some fun in the snow!! East Hampton

Credit: Kristen San Filippo, Massapequa

Charlette San Filippo experiencing a taste of snow for the first time.

Credit: Lisa. Brentwood

Mother Nature roars

Credit: Julia Saulpaugh

My daughter took this picture outside our front door in Seaford on 2/9/17.

Credit: Debbie Melville

My backyard in Hicksville

February storm 2017

After the storm.

Sunset at Morgan Memorial Park in Glen Cove after today's snow storm

Credit: Mom - Kimberly Hall

Juliet enjoying the snowy day!

Credit: Lauren, Ronkonkoma

Thomas,3, Ronkonkoma playing in his backyard.

Credit: Donna Pradas

Birds in the snow

Credit: Lauren, Ronkonkoma

Vince, 2, waiting to eat the snow falling in his backyard

Credit: Lauren Ronkonkoma

Thomas Neckin, 3, Running through the snow in Ronkonkoma

Catherine, the snow angel

Credit: Bill Harrison, Franklin Square

This snowstorm is for the birds....literally.

Felicia Polizzi

Credit: April Aquila, Mount Sinai

Impatiently waiting to go outside in the snow.

Credit: Robin Rostron - Saint James

Brendan Rostron (10 months) swinging in the snow

Credit: Dana Molino

Brielle's first slay ride!

Credit: carol cirina, Glen Head, NY

Hannah and Hailey Vidro at Chinese New Years celebration at Planting Fields, Oyster Bay , Saturday, Jan 28. Holding their Red paper Roosters

Credit: Donna Bovenzi East Northport

Dylan from East Northport 1st Snow Storm 2017

Credit: Robin Rostron - Saint James

Scarlett (age 3) & Brendan (10 months) Rostron swinging in the snow

Credit: Sandra Tom Melville

Sammy 6 in the first snow of LI season.

Credit: Robin Rostron - Saint James

Scarlett (age 3) & Brendan (10 months) Rostron enjoying the snow

Credit: Sandra Tom Melville

Madison 8 and Sammy 6 playing in the first snow of the season!

Credit: Delila (Mom) Middle Island

Jordan & his best friend Blue, having some fun in the snow. (Middle Island)

Credit: April Aquila, Mount Sinai

Meadow likes to pull her daddy on the sled!

Credit: Dorothy Zullo, East Moriches

Calm after the storm

Credit: Xiomara Jedlica

First snow storm...

Credit: Lauren Buckley, Copiague

Charlotte makes her first snow Angel

Credit: My wife

Fun in the snow!

Credit: Marissa Allaben, Oceanside

Zoe Allaben, age 2, of Oceanside enjoying the first major snow of the season on Saturday, January 7, 2017

Jaylen loving the snow !!

Credit: Grandpa Bob

Luke Butler Happy snow angel

Credit: Eric molbegat plainview

the polar bear plunge at 6 am, first we grabbed our cameras, then we grabbed him back inside

Deven clearing out the driveway . He's the best kid ever ?

Credit: Joan Marchese, Glen Cove, NY

So glad we didn't take the decorations down last week!

Credit: Donna Stochla

Brisk Bayville morning....

Credit: Alberto Alas , Malverne

Baby Damian vs Snow (Spoiler Alert, Snow won)

Credit: Joan Marchese, Glen Cove, NY

Winter Wonderland

11 year old Austin Motie helping mommy clear driveway

Credit: Jim Clark

All is calm . . .

Credit: William Collins of Dix Hills

Kids sledding in the yard today.

Credit: Julia Macchiarola

Madison and her little friend Huntington station Jan 8, 2017

Credit: Vanessa Richards (mom), Patchogu

Maya Richards enjoying the snow as her 2 brothers are in the house in their pajamas!

Credit: Joyce Ehlich-Islip

A place to sit, reflect and remember

Credit: FMH Photography

Freddie's first trek in snow

Credit: Brian Reilly

Madigan Reilly and Madison Bowden share a ride in Massapequa

Credit: Gerri Monahan Westbury NY

Meaghan and her two month old son Conor Daniel enjoying his first snowstorm

Cold paws!!

Credit: Adam Melanson

Let it snow?

Credit: Kelly Wilcha

Kayley, Kyle,and Kassidy Sledding!?

Snow Removal, No job to Big! Reasonable Rates!!

Jace enjoys helping out his dad clear the snow on the deck

Credit: Jason Berger

Our snow bunnies playing in the backyard after the first storm of 2017.

Kids enjoying the snow day

Credit: Sharon Gucker

Trevor, Henry, & Owen having fun in the snow with Katie.

Credit: Melissa lewis west babylon

Mackenzy and our dog Shea playing in the snow. Snowball fight!

Credit: Emily Lucas-Plainedge

Snowy Birthday Celebration!

Credit: Grandma , Cynthia

First Snowfall of 2017 , Dylan have a great time....,

Cactus manorville snowman

Credit: Mark Dicarlo

Building a snodog!!

Credit: Michael Keneski Farmingville, ny

Ryan and Emma Keneski watching the snow while waiting for hot chocolate to be made.

Credit: Mommy from bayville

Izzy Skelly shoveling out the driveway

Credit: Samantha

Golden Rule: enjoy time outside with your furry family members!

Credit: Michael Keneski Farmingville, ny

Emma Sophia Keneski making a snow angel!

Credit: Jen from Bayville

Izzy from Bayville enjoying the first snowfall!

Christopher's 1st New Year...The Dougla's Family Medford NY

Credit: Matthew Rotella, Huntington

Grace and Matthew Rotella getting excited for Santa to arrive.

Credit: Some guy

Enjoying the Holidays in NYC with family and friends...

Credit: Alberto, Malverne

Baby Damian vs Christmas Tree

Credit: Pamela J. Sandmeier, Sound Beach

Childhood Wonder! Wyatt Paul Demery (16 months) gazing at Christmas Tree. Danford's Inn, Port Jefferson, NY, Friday, December 9, 2016. Photo taken by his Gramma, Pamela J. Sandmeier

Credit: Tess Duignan, Wantagh

Tess Duignan was on an early morning run on December 17 when she encountered this festive-looking bike rider.

Credit: Emily Cianci

Zoey Welcomes Winter!

Credit: Aubrey and Kyle Mitchell from Ce

The perfect Christmas gift

Credit: Melissa Barton (Mom)

Christmas cookies for Santa. These are my grandchildren, Ashley Barton 7 yrs and Jimmy Barton 4 yrs.

Credit: Purpose Properties LLC ,selden

Christmas village

Credit: Jackie

Baby Justin's first time in the snow!

Credit: Adele Epstein

Newsday delivered delivered paper this morning to my house and these are the tire tracks that were created!

Credit: Jordan Jankowski

Dylan Jankowski and Frosty

Credit: Lauren DeMeo, Bay Shore

Vinny and Angelina enjoying the decorations

Credit: Dad Kings Park

Aubrey, Avery and Opie with there snowman

Credit: Mascia Esposito monte di procida

My fist snow.

Credit: Liz almonte

First snowman of the year

Quick take a pic before it melts!

Lucy Rita Barry, 10 months old from West Hempstead. She is very busy typing her letter to Santa! Lucy is getting ready to celebrate her first Christmas!

Credit: Robyn McGee, Patchogue

Declan throwing snowballs to Molly

Credit: Dad

First time in the snow

Credit: Amanda in Wading River

Just picked up my Christmas tree!

Credit: Jessica Rapuano in Holbrook

Makenna our 3-1/2 year old enjoing the first snow of the season!

Credit: Renee

Decorating the tree, Khalil putting up the star while Jaylen and Kylie admire from below

Credit: James Rose, Hauppauge

3 year old Aiden trying out his new snow tube for the first time at home in Hauppauge on Saturday morning.

Abbie trying to shovel her own path

Credit: Nicole sokolowski

Pom pom hats!! Twinning ... daddy and Jewel Quinn

Credit: Rich Thomesen Bayshore

This is Tyler age 7 enjoying the snow with his quad

Credit: Christina Rotella

Grace and Matthew sledding in our yard.

Credit: Mom Katerina Langis

George Langis

Credit: Lisa Lau, Bellmore NY

Charlie Rose out at 7am playing in the first snow of the season!

Credit: Chris Schmutzler from Farmingvil

My son Andy with his son enjoying decorating a gingerbread house.

Christmas display

Credit: Maria Boos

My Barbie collector tree at my home in Deer Park by Maria Boos

Credit: Toni Alberghine (mom) Farmingdal

Courtney Alberghine has her Christmas tree! Farmingdale December 2016

Credit: Liz Karl, Lake Ronkonkoma

Katie and Willy visit Santa

Credit: Joan Marchese, Glen Cove, NY

Josh, Alex and Sibbie enjoying the walk-thru at Hicks...One of our favorite Holiday traditions, and Sibbie's first!

Credit: Kimberly Scala

Mommy and Patrick sharing Santa's favorite snack!

Credit: Kimberly Scala

Patrick, 18 months, is so very excited to bring home the perfect Christmas tree!

Credit: Joan Marchese, Glen Cove, NY

Josh, Alex and Sibbie at Old Westbury Gardens Holiday weekend...another first for Sibbie...she didn't sit on Santa's lap, but did watch as the boys did.

Credit: Patrick , Oceanside

Holiday decorations by my son Patrick.

Credit: Jessica,Eastport ny

Big boy!

happy holidays!!

Credit: Natalia Fattal from North Babylo

Dad and son building a Gingerbread House @ Old Bethpage Village

Credit: Susan Kelly, Oyster Bay

Top hat tree

Credit: Patrick , Oceanside

Oh Holy Night.

Credit: Patrick , Oceanside

Light up holiday.

Credit: Joann V

Annual visit to this spectacular Whitestone house!


Credit: Megan Cassar

Christmas lights 2016

Credit: Elyssa Hopkins (Logan's mom)

Logan Canonico, age 6, skates in for a photo at Sayville's Miracle on Main Street celebration on Saturday, November 26th

Credit: Elyssa Hopkins (Logan's mom)

Cousins Logan Canonico, age 6, and Savannah St. John, age 4, take a skate break to pose for a photo at Sayville's Miracle on Main Street celebration on Saturday, November 26th

Credit: Vincent Sinacori Deer Park

The best!


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