Stock your emergency arsenal now and rest easily as storms and other emergencies threaten. These items will ensure that you stay warm, dry, hydrated, informed and safe when danger looms.

Eton American Red Cross Solar Link FRX3

This emergency weather radio gives you 24-hour access to special location-based weather alerts, warnings and forecasts from the National Weather Service that aren't broadcast on AM/FM radios. It also carries AM, FM and shortwave. Features include an alarm clock, LED flashlight, USB port, headphone jack, glow-in-the-dark locator and built-in smart-phone charger. Can be powered by crank, battery or solar energy. Available in red or black. Find the best price:

Generac generator GP5500-5939

A Consumer Reports Best Buy, this gasoline-powered portable generator packs 5,500 watts, enough to power a refrigerator, heating system, television, a computer plus a few lamps in the event of a blackout. It starts with a pull cord and features low-oil shut-down to prevent engine damage, wheels for transportability, a 7.2-gallon fuel tank and fuel gauge, muffled engine noise for quieter operation, and comes with a starter bottle of engine oil. Find the best price:

Lifeline One person, two day, 20-piece emergency preparedness kit

Designed to supply emergency supplies to last two days, this red zippered bag is packed with one emergency food bar, eight packets of drinking water, a poncho, an emergency blanket, two hand-warmer packets, a glow stick, a whistle, a "Call 911" flag, a dust mask, waterproof matches and a manual can opener. Find the best price:

Coleman PowerPack One-Burner Stove

With a 3.25-inch, 7,500 BTU burner and a fully adjustable flame, this propane-powered camp stove can accommodate up to a 12-inch pot. It's easy to use and clean, has a wide base for stability and has a pressure-regulated propane delivery system to prevent flaring or flickering. Requires a 16.4-ounce propane cylinder, sold separately at hardware and big box stores for about $3. Find the best price:

CyberPower Power Inverter

This handy gadget converts your vehicle's DC power to AC power, enabling on-the-go (or driveway) use and charging of electronics that have standard AC plugs. Just plug it into a cigarette lighter and then plug gadgets into it as you would into a wall outlet. There's also a USB port for charging and using items that otherwise would only plug into computers. With 200 watts of power, it can handle any of a range of electronics, including a cell phone, MP3 player, video game console or digital camera. You can even use it on a boat or RV to power a laptop computer, printer, handheld vacuum, sewing machine, food slicer or slow cooker. Find the best price:

WaterBOB Emergency bathtub water storage system

Instead of simply filling a bath tub with an emergency supply of water, which quickly would become germy and undrinkable, you can put this 65-gallon, food-grade plastic bladder in the tub and fill it with water. The bladder keeps airborne particles and contaminants out, and keeps water safe for drinking, brushing teeth, bathing and cleaning, as well as flushing. A siphon is included so you can pump out as much water as you need when you need it. Find the best price:

Craftsman Wet-Dry Vac No. 17762

With a 20-gallon capacity and 6.5 peak horsepower, this easy-to-use vacuum provides excellent suction. Features include a hose-locking mechanism, eight accessories, a 7-foot hose, an extra long 20-foot cord and a large drain for easy emptying. Find the best price:

Physicians Care 76-piece First Aid Kit for up to ten people

Although labeled to contain supplies for up to 10 people, this kit is sized ideally for families. The durable plastic case has a weather-proof seal and contains 16 plastic bandages, first aid tape, 10 triple antibiotic ointment packets, 10 antiseptic towelettes, 1 CPR mask, 1 burn dressing pack, 10 first aid/burn cream packets, 1 cold compress, 2 sterile eye pads, 1 eyewash, 6 hand sanitizer packs, 4 nitrile exam gloves, 1 conforming gauze roll, scissors, 2 gauze dressing pads, 2 trauma pads, a triangular sling and a first aid guide. Find the best price:

Five-gallon Plastic Gas Can

Even when one has a generator, it's absolutely useless without gasoline, which can't be transported in just any container. Look for one that's spill proof and has a flexible spout. In a pinch? Find one locally at Lowe's, The Home Depot, most gas stations and independent hardware stores. Find the best price:

Tivoli iPAL portable bluetooth speaker/radio

The iPAL is a portable, battery-operated AM/FM radio that also functions as a full-range speaker for an MP3 player. Requires one rechargeable NiMH battery. Find the best price:

Luminara flameless pillar candle with timer

Powered by two D batteries, this flameless candle creates a random flicker that casts a light similar to a real flame. It has a built-in timer that will illuminate for up to five hours. Find the best price:

6-in-1 Home and Auto Safety Tool

Made by Fuji, this tool runs on two AA batteries to offer an emergency light that blinks red, an LED flashlight, an LED work light, a window breaker (which can be used inside the home) and a magnet. Find the best price:

Ampro 2 LED Emergency Cell Phone Charger with 2 LED Flashlight

This device serves a dual function: It's both a flashlight and cellphone charger, which comes with a mini USB and works with various brands. Find the best price:

Rayovac Sportsman Xtreme Area Lantern

A waterproof lamp that lights up to a 50-foot radius, the device features two settings -- high and low. The dual 9-watt fluorescent U-tube bulbs are powered by eight D batteries and provide 14 hours of light on the high mode and up to 30 hours on the energy saver mode. Find the best price:


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