Have you been bored inside with nothing to do? Well, you can stop that if you have the book "itty-bitty toys" by Susan B. Anderson (Workman Publishing). It is a book about how to knit animals, dolls and other playthings for kids.

When I had this book, I started looking through it, and I decided to make the simplest thing there, the nesting boxes. It did take a while to do. You had to do it in patterns. I chose the colors red and blue.

If you like animals, you can make bunnies, pigs, lambs and others that are in the book. There are also ones called "reversibles." It's when one toy turns into another by just flipping it inside out.

I enjoyed this book very much because I had a lot of fun. Also, I know what to do when I am bored on a Saturday afternoon!

I think the best ages to do these projects are about 10 and older, because you have to read the directions, and you need a lot of time to do them. Enjoy the book, because it is challenging and fun.

RATING: 5 of 5

Game reviews: Two versions of My Hero

Can you be a hero? You can if you try the Nintendo DS games My Hero: Doctor and My Hero: Firefighter (Majesco Entertainment). Jennifer wrote, "My Hero: Doctor makes you feel like you are the doctor, and you get to cure sick patients. You also get to drive an ambulance, which is fun. I think this is a good game, and I enjoyed it."

For My Hero: Firefighter, Haroulla wrote, "It is a game about how firefighters escape fires and how dangerous they are. This game shows how quickly the firefighters have to move. It made me feel like I was a real firefighter. I enjoyed it because it is about real life, and things like this really do happen."

Rating: 4 of 5

- Jennifer Annino and Haroulla Papaleontiou, Kidsday Reporters

Getting creative with Legos

I love Legos! I have been playing with them since I was 4. I started building small creations. When I got older I built bigger creations.

Once I build something I got from a store, my routine is to take it down right away, and then use the pieces to build my own creations.

My biggest Lego set is a castle that I got for Christmas. It took me two hours to make it with my sister, Gabi, and my brother, Chris. It had about 1,000 pieces.

My brother likes building, too. He is very creative and between us, we have built 20 of our own creations. Some day, I hope I can be as creative as my brother.

- David Altamirano, Kidsday Reporter

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