We made it! We made it all at Make Meaning in Manhattan.

Make Meaning is a place to make all sorts of beautiful objects using soap, glass, paper, candles, ceramics and more. The first thing we did when we arrived at Make Meaning was to take a tour of the store. It was a few floors of stuff to do. Everywhere we turned, there were kids and adults being creative, and they were never alone. There were so many people there to help you -- they are called Creativity Coaches -- with your designs and creations. Every accessory you think you might need is right there in the store.

After walking around the store and checking out all the different stations, we finally decided to make soap cupcakes. We liked them because, from the samples we saw, they were small but beautiful and we wanted to give it a try. We had an assistant help us at our station. She told us all the things we would need to make our beautiful designs. We needed lots of little things to make our cupcakes look just right. We made sure we added our own unique design to make them pretty. We found out that it was OK to make mistakes and experiment because the assistants were right there to help.

Make Meaning is not just for kids.

We found out that lots of adults take over the store later in the evening and they start making things, too. When we were there, it was almost all kids with their parents watching them work. Make Meaning is located at 1501 Third Ave. (between 84th and 85th Streets). There is a second Manhattan location (329 Columbus Ave.).

The Make Meaning website is makemeaning.com. We think it would be a great place to have your birthday party.

You can watch us when we took our tour and made our candles. Visit: exploreLI.com/kidsday.

Stuck on Ickee Stikeez

Are you looking for the latest collectible toy? I think I found it when I was playing with the new toy Ickee Stikeez (Zing Toys, ickeez.com). They are very tiny monsters and they are very cute! With the Ickee Stikeez you can throw it and it would stick to almost anything. With their suction cup feet, when you pull them off whatever they are sticking to, they sound like Bubble Wrap popping. They are fun for decorating your room or locker at school. I think these are best for kids 7 and older. They are too tiny for younger kids.

--Kidsday Reporter Dashaana Carr

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