Father's Day is a day to celebrate everything your father does for you. Also it's a whole day to show how much you appreciate your father. Sunday is his day. Are you ready?

Here are the special things my family does on Father's Day: first, my mom wakes up my dad. Next, my mom, my sister and I give my dad presents to open. Then, we give my dad time to rest. After that, my whole family goes out for dinner to my dad's favorite restaurant, Buffalo Wild Wings. Lastly, we go home and make an ice cream sundae or bake a special cake.

It's a whole day to appreciate your father. Why do kids spend more money on Mother's Day than Father's Day? I think kids spend more money on their mothers because they think their moms may do more for them and want to reward their moms bigger and dads never seem to ask for anything. What do you think?

Book review: 'Vincent Shadow'

I read the book "Vincent Shadow: Top Secret Toys" by Tim Kehoe (Little Brown). The characters in the book are Vincent, Stella, Timmy and Howard G. Wiz. Vincent always dreamed of being a toy inventor. He is starting his internship at the most exciting toy company in the world. I recommend this book because it is so inspiring. The story makes you want to get up and invent toys of your own. Vincent has a lot of personality and is quite easy to like. I wanted to read the whole thing in one day.

--Kidsday Reporter Elisha Charles

Now that's funny

What do you call a grizzly bear with no teeth?

A gummy bear.

--Christopher Schleyer

What has 22 legs and two wings?

A soccer team.

--Angelique Daino

How do you get straight A's?

With a ruler.

--Lauren Polidori

What do you eat while watching a scary movie?

Ice scream.

--Stephanie Belz

Why did the computer go to the doctor?

It had a virus.

--Fatima Ali

CLASS OF THE WEEK: Anna Maria Montuori's fourth-grade class, PARLIAMENT PLACE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, North Babylon

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