Pillow Pets are cute, huggable adorable pets. They transform from a soft pet to a pillow. To use, just unhook the strap and they're ready to go. Use them for playtime, sleep time, anytime. They are great for overnight stays at Grandma's house and long road trips.

Pillow Pets are made of ultra soft cotton. They are machine washable, but do not put them into the dryer.

You can choose a ladybug, bee, unicorn or so many more. The only hard part is deciding. If you want, you could even collect them all and decorate your room with them.

To find out more, go to the website mypillowpets.com.

Doing your part on Earth Day

Have you ever wondered what to do for Earth Day on April 22? I have 10 great ideas for you. I hope you pick one of these to do!

10. Go outside and enjoy the air instead of video games.

9. Take your dogs or pets out for a walk or play with them.

8. Ride your bike to a place you have to go to instead of taking a car.

7. Take a little walk in your yard and pick up the trash.

6. Plant some trees or vegetables and help them grow.

5. Take a ride to a beach near you; pick up any trash you see.

4. Help plants or trees that don't look good on your property after this tough winter; help build them up by doing some gardening.

3. Try not to use too much energy on Earth Day.

2. Change all your light bulbs to energy-saving ones.

1. Take a walk on the sidewalk near home and pick up litter.

-- Kidsday Reporter Gwyneth Knott

Now that's funny

If Niagara trips, what does he do next?

Niagara falls.

-- Emily Heinz

What town in England makes the worst sandwiches?

Old Ham.

-- Robert Fondacaro

What does a book sleep with at night?

Its cover.

Matthew Cohen

How does a bunny dry itself?

With a hare dryer.

Caitlyn Moccia

What is the loudest state?


Alyssa Patti

CLASS OF THE WEEK: Mark Jaklitsch's fifth-grade class, ST. JAMES ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, Saint James