Have you ever had fondue? Well, if you haven't we have got the place for you. It is Simply Fondue in Great Neck. The fondue is to die for. You get to cook your own food. How awesome is that?

In case you don't know what fondue is, it is melted cheese or chocolate that you dip other great things in. At Simply Fondue, there are three courses. First is the cheese fondue. Next is the meat and fish. You can even choose the cooking style, such as traditional, vegetable bouillon, grill and more. Finally, the best part, the chocolate fondue.

There are 13 chocolate fondues. There are also so many treats to dip. We don't know how you will be able to choose only one chocolate, so why not choose two? The most popular one is the campfire. This is made out of milk chocolate, melted marshmallow and crushed graham cracker crumbs. With the campfire, you get to roast a marshmallow or two.

Even our waiter was great! He had lots of great suggestions for us. And just as a heads-up, give yourself plenty of time: It takes about two hours for the three-course meal. Simply Fondue is at 24 Great Neck Rd. in Great Neck. Call 516-466-4900.

Challenging the boys to a cook-off

It was a nice and sunny Monday: It was the day of the classroom Cook-Off! We couldn't get to our school fast enough. As I put on the chef's apron, I felt like Giada De Laurentiis, the Italian-American chef. It was girls against boys, and I was sure we were going to win. Classmates Rachel Schneider, Allison Liman and I presented the judges with a gourmet meal: bruschetta, chicken salad and the most decadent red velvet cupcakes.

Next, it was the boys' turn. They presented their Italian feast to the judges. All we could think about while reading their menu was cheese, cheese, cheese and more cheese.

There were four adult judges, including our teacher, Ellen Meisel. The decision was in. I was thinking girls were going to win. I was sure girl power would rule.

Our teacher announced, "We have a winner!" And then we heard the word tie. I was shocked, but we closed our mouths and said good job to our opponents.

I felt the tie was unfair but remembered chefs don't argue with the judges. Fun was had by all.

--Kidsday Reporter Ellie Kraus

CLASS OF THE WEEK: Ellen Meisel's fourth-grade class, LAKEVILLE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, Great Neck


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