The outdoor Lexus Wicker Patio Daybed Set ($1,099 from

The outdoor Lexus Wicker Patio Daybed Set ($1,099 from has back pillows, two ottomans and seat cushions. Credit: Handout

Like hanging around your backyard? Then this is your moment. Today's backyard dwellers now can dine, fall asleep or even watch TV under the stars. Here are a few examples of what's on the market.

OUTDOOR TELEVISIONS Now, art can imitate life directly with outdoor TVs. Today's hardy models have built-in heaters for winter, cooling units for summer and are impervious to the weather. "You could turn a hose on them and keep it running," says Matt Baglietto, outdoor living department manager at Martin Viette, East Norwich. The sets range from 22 to 55 inches and cost from $2,000 to $6,800.

RECYCLED LAWN FURNITURE Going green can look good. Several companies offer sleek furniture lines made of recycled materials. Poly-Wood has products made from recycled milk and detergent bottles and offers everything from traditional Adirondack chairs to more formal Chippendale designs.

CANTILEVERED UMBRELLAS Secured with an off-center base, cantilevered, or "side-arm" umbrellas, can be rotated 360 degrees, allowing you to swing the shade from a dining table to a lounge area with only a touch.

LAVA HEATERS A striking entry from Lava Heat Italia, a lava heater uses propane or natural gas to keep people warm, even in rain and snow. Restaurants and hotels like their dramatic look -- a flame shooting from a glass tube in an 8-foot-tall triangular metal stand. "It's all about the show," says Dottie Simons, president of retail operations at Dodds and Eder in Oyster Bay.

OUTDOOR BEDS What's better than sleeping under a ceiling of stars? Not much. That's why outdoor beds have become popular lately. The beds are made of waterproof materials and some come with a screened canopy for privacy.

OUTDOOR BEAN BAGS Beanbag chairs are no longer just for the kids. Made by Fatboy, this lounger can seat up to two people and comes with side straps for back support.

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