Spark brings some extra fun to bowling at Maple Lanes...

Spark brings some extra fun to bowling at Maple Lanes RVC in Rockville Centre.   Credit: Maple Lanes RVC

The sport of bowling is getting an extra boost of fun through Spark, a new augmented reality technology that enhances the game through computer graphics that get projected onto the lane and interacts with the ball. This animated feature is currently being offered at Maple Lanes RVC in Rockville Centre.

“Spark takes your real life bowling game and kind of gamifies it,” says Joe LaSpina, vice president of Maple Family Centers. “It’s like playing a video game while you are actually bowling. This is an add-on to the physical game itself.”


Spark, which is made by Brunswick Bowling, comes from big projectors in the ceiling called Nodes that hang above the lanes with infrared technology. 

“It projects an animated game on the lane and the infrared beam tracks the bowling ball,” says LaSpina. “While you are bowling an actual game, you are playing a game on the lane as well with different points. It’s a lot of fun.”

There’s different games you can play in a variety of environments all operated from a user-friendly Android tablet.

“You can choose your own graphics. One makes the lane look like it’s in outer space, another has monsters, there’s one with robots and even bowling pins that dance,” says LaSpina. “To see the tail of your ball fly down the lane with animated flames behind it is really cool too.”


Those looking to insert themselves into the game can do so via the camera on the tablet.

“You can take a picture with your monitor and have your face projected onto the lane,” says LaSpina. “It makes a nice selfie or Instagram moment.”

Spark is offered on six of the 34 lanes (#17-22) with a dark environment like cosmic bowling on weekends and school holidays. The cost is an extra $30 on top of the regular bowling fee, which is $95 for two hours on a lane that holds up to six people.

LaSpina adds, “We always try to upgrade our service to keep things fresh for families to enhance the experience.”


WHEN | WHERE 9 a.m. to midnight, Monday-Sunday; 100 Maple Ave., Rockville Centre

INFO 516-678-3010,

COST $95 for 2 hours (holds up to 6 players) plus $30 for Spark


Unlimited Digital AccessOnly 25¢for 5 months