East Meadow, N.Y. - Sunday, May 2, 2010. Dan Mcgrath...

East Meadow, N.Y. - Sunday, May 2, 2010. Dan Mcgrath of Lynbrook crosses the finish line to win the Long Island Marathon. Holding the tape on the right are Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano and Legislator Rose Walker. Photo by David Pokress Credit: David Pokress/David Pokress

Lynbrook lawyer Dan McGrath and Bronx woman Lilia Britez won the men's and women's Long Island Marathon  Sunday morning.

McGrath, 27, finished with an unofficial time of just under two hours and 30 minutes, while Britez, 28, finished in 3:20:22.

McGrath, who also won the marathon in 2008, described running conditions as difficult because of the opressively muggy weather.

"Today was one of the tougher days," he said. "I would've liked to have run faster."

A third-party vendor said racers who hit the 10-mile mark later than two hours and 18 minutes into the race were  diverted because of what he called Sunday's intense humidity.

At 11:53 a.m. Sunday, the closest official weather station to the finish line (Farmingdale's Republic Airport) reported a relative humidity reading of 79 percent and a temperature of 71 degrees, which translate into a heat index of 72 degrees.

David Katz, a spokesman for Finish Line Road Race Technicians Inc., which is scoring the race, said the diversion plan earlier this week because of anticipated heat.

Officials chose to divert racers at 10 miles in two hours and 18 minutes because that pace represents at six-hour finish, Katz said. The course is set to close after six hours, he said.

McGrath's brother Sean also ran the race and finished 8th.

Britez, said the race was her first ever marathon in New York.

"This is my number one marathon in New York," she said. "I'm happy."