The Rex Burger at The Rex Burger & Lobster in...

The Rex Burger at The Rex Burger & Lobster in Mineola. Credit: Yvonne Albinowski

For some, ’tis the season for salad-seeking and other completely understandable reactions to summer’s doldrums and all those Facebook corset ads. Perverse as it might sound, however, others will be tempted to go in a different direction, toward decadent, over-the-top burgers in all their messy, monumental, meaty glory. And no, it's not just me.

The Rex Burger & Lobster (524 Jericho Tpke, Mineola): Like us, perhaps, you’ve driven by the place and wondered exactly what the cow and the crustacean have in common. The answer? They both inspire indulgence, a double dose of which is possible at this spiffy Mineola joint. A superbly chin-dripping, rivulets-of-Angus experience can be yours for just $10.95, the price of Rex’s signature burger. But why not take things up a hedonic notch and crown that patty with a generous helping of juicy lobster claw meat? Sure, that’ll add $12.95 to the price, but if our experience is any indication, your view of Wednesday afternoons may well be forever changed by this delicious and beautiful creation. Your Instagram followers will love it, and more importantly like it, no small consideration. More info: 516-739-2747,

Prime (117 N. New York Ave., Huntington): We can hear your protests from here. People don’t go to Prime for burgers, you shout. They go for seafood towers, spectacular views of Huntington harbor, and long afternoons on the patio for which words like canoodling were invented. Perhaps. But amid all the menu’s talk of rib-eyes and Hudson Valley salmon, don’t overlook the small weekday power lunch section (right upper corner), where $29 gains you access to a two-course affair that begins with salads or sushi, followed swiftly by the titanic Prime shack burger, a sandwich as satisfying as it is unwieldy, so much so, you feel genuine pity for the toothpick trying to hold the whole thing together. More info: 631-385-1515,

Burger City (1900 Hempstead Tpke., East Meadow): Generally speaking, Dionysus and discounts don’t go together, but this charming, no frills postage stamp is the exception to the rule. Longtime fans rave about its supremely, ridiculously large, double quarter-pounders with cheese, along with their ketchupy, old-school, burger-in-a-bag, hamburger-stand presentation. But what they really need to be crowing about is the price, just $8.89. Expect a certain amount of post-sandwich guilt after eating it, or indeed any sandwich that involves consuming eight ounces of cow meat in a single sitting. More info: 516-385-3355

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