At her Chocolate Lady Boutique in Oyster Bay, Lee Perrotta...

At her Chocolate Lady Boutique in Oyster Bay, Lee Perrotta is making egg creams. Here, chocolate. Credit: HAndout/

Lee Perrotta, proprietor of the Chocolate Lady boutique, is bringing a little bit of Brooklyn to the hamlet of Oyster Bay with four egg cream flavors. An egg cream, for the uninitiated, is a liquid confection containing neither eggs nor cream: it’s seltzer, milk and flavored syrup stirred up into a heady, bubbly elixir. The classic syrup for a chocolate egg cream is Fox’s U-bet, but Perrotta is making her own syrups from scratch.

Right now Perrotta is serving chocolate, strawberry and raspberry egg creams. Coffee and caramel will show up later in the season. The price is $3.95 and that includes a cap of whipped cream and a cherry, should you care to gild the lily.

The Chocolate Lady is at 49 Audrey Ave., Oyster Bay, 516-922-2002.

The Chocolate Lady's Egg Cream Revival Heats Up Summer!