Joe Pesci as Tommy DeVito and Catherine Scorsese as his...

Joe Pesci as Tommy DeVito and Catherine Scorsese as his mother in a scene from Martin Scorses's 1990 film "Goodfellas." Credit: Handout

Perusing Craigslist’s Long Island food-and-beverage job board today, I found this intriguing plea for a “60 yr old plus Italian Mom for Restaurant (Nassau North Shore).”

“I have a themed Italian restaurant,” the ad reads. “Looking for an Italian MOM to represent restaurant, can and will provide transportation if need be, $12 to $15 per hour full or part time shifts can be 3 hours 6 hours if she can handle it, no cleaning or work just Mom Presence in Dining room. Hospitality and great personality a must .?.?. please email pic no need for resume!!!! just pictures and availability. must be Italian
Love 70 yr old 80 .?.?. no such thing as too old.....”

Where to begin? Well, first I wonder about the availability of the owner’s own mother or, in the event of her demise or residence in Florida, that of an aunt or mother-in-law. Second, how is this mom-for-hire to respond to the inevitable questions from the restaurant’s patrons as to how she came to be in the dining room in question? “I answered an ad on Craigslist” isn’t going to strike quite the right maternal note.

I also wonder, why does this guy even have to advertise? This is Long Island; you can hardly swing a cat without hitting a nice, outgoing, mature Italian mother who’s got a few free hours a day to chat up customers.

Is it possible that there's even something sinister going on here? Is the putative restaurant owner trying to lure vulnerable MOMS into some unsavory situation? Or does he just like to look at photos of older Italian women?

Senior ladies, beware!