The unda chicken kati roll at Currikitch in Hicksville is...

The unda chicken kati roll at Currikitch in Hicksville is a paratha wrapped around grilled chicken. Credit: Newsday/Erica Marcus

“A new Indian restaurant in Hicksville” has a certain coals-to-Newcastle ring to it, but Currikitch Modern Indian Kitchen is neither where nor what you expect it to be.

The small, counter-serve eatery is not located on Broadway, Hicksville’s subcontinental thoroughfare, but rather at the town’s easternmost edge, just off South Oyster Bay Road. Its menu is not the usual sprawling document but a concise collection of traditional dishes, street foods and Chipotle-style bowls.

For $8.95 you can build a bowl that starts with rice and then your choice of beans (such as dal makani or chickpeas), a protein (such as chicken tikka masala, lamb vindaloo or palek paneer) and then, finally, as many toppings and sauces as you’d like. Plus naan or roti bread.

There are five kati rolls ($6): rich paratha flatbread wrapped around a savory filling, be it chicken, cheese or a vegetarian curry. Currikitch breaks new ground with a handful of Indian-ish sandwiches ($6 to $9) such as fried butter chicken on a roll, spiced lamb burger and Bombay  grilled cheese. All sandwiches come with masala fries.

On the more traditional front are entrees such as chicken tikka masala, palak paneer, aloo masala, goat rogan josh, lamb vindaloo and biryani, most of which hover around $10.

Currikitch is owned by the same family that operates Masala Wok, which has served Indian-Chinese-Thai fusion on South Broadway in Hicksville for more than a decade.

Currikitch is at 390 Woodbury Rd., Hicksville, 516-490-5501,

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