This was posted when the restaurant was known as Francesco's of New York (August 2008)

The other night, I was gleefully licking my fingers after polishing off a fine sausage, pepper and onion hero at a new food stand in Huntington Station, Francesco’s of New York. Owner Gary D’Angelo (and his wife Angela) also have two hot dog trucks in Queens.

So, I'm on the phone with Gary this afternoon and he tells me Angela was chosen to represent the New York City hot dog in a challenge on the upcoming “Top Chef” series. Can’t wait to see it – and also to sample the signature hot dog.

I did sneak a taste of my companion's drippingly good Philly cheese steak sandwich. And I had some excellent chocolate fudge brownie ices, made by Bonanza’s of Bayville. A gentleman (who turned out to be D’Angelo’s father Francesco, the restaurant’s namesake) was making rounds of the umbrella tables. Stopping by to kibitz, he told me that I should try the creamsicle ices next time. Another reason for a return visit.

August 2008

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