Braised beef noodles are served at DunHuang Noodles.

Braised beef noodles are served at DunHuang Noodles. Credit: Daisy / @eats_n_deets via Instagram

It's only a sign, but already you can imagine the slurping.

DunHuang Noodles, which has branches in Flushing, Brooklyn, Manhattan and New Jersey, plans to open a restaurant near the railroad station in Syosset.

The sign simply reads "Opening Soon," adding "DunHuang Noodles Long Island."

Partners in the restaurant group could not be reached immediately to confirm a timetable for the opening, which, based on the way the site currently looks, could take a while.

The DunHuang restaurants specialize in hand-pulled noodles. The eateries are known for the beef noodle soup of Lanzhou, as well as the "spicy hot" noodles of Chongqing. And a regional specialty is sweet-and-sour chicken.

There are plenty of beef and lamb dishes at the DunHuang eateries, including crisp lamb chops, roasted lamb barbecue, noodles in beef broth with beef stew and a "spicy numbing" stir-fry hot pot with beef. "Pita burgers" take in stewed pork, spicy cumin lamb and spicy beef.

Typical appetizers range from mung bean noodles and seaweed salad to pickled cabbage and eggplant salad.

DunHuang Noodles in Syosset is slated to be situated at 8 Cold Spring Rd., next to Cardinali Bakery.

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