eatPiada, Port Jefferson

eatPiada, Port Jefferson Credit: Joan Reminick

How relaxing it is to have lunch outdoors on the porch of the charming Port Jefferson house that's home to eatPiada, a new counter service venture of Jonathan Contes and Tate Morris. The two are also co -chef-owners of the highly creative New American Mosaic in St. James.

Interestingly, this is the second time in a matter of months that I’ve come across the flatbread sandwich known as the piada. The first was at Cinelli’s Pizzeria & Grill in Oceanside, which makes its flatbread from scratch and grills it in the tradition of the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. Here, though, the term “piada” is rather loosely interpreted as whole wheat wraps. It seems Contes and Morris googled their original idea, Italian burritos, and “piada” was what came up.

Call them what you will, the sandwiches are a real treat. I tried two. One wrap enfolds shaved prosciutto with caramelized apple, provolone and pickled red cabbage, an ingenious interplay of salty, tart, sweet and mellow. Another is made with shaved porchetta (herb roasted pork) with Brie and mustard-dried fruit chutney. I liked it a lot. Sandwiches (all $8) are available cold or warmed (my preference).

I also get two cookie truffles which, I’m told, are made at Mosaic. One is orange, the other, chocolate malted. They’re the size of golf balls and I’m at a loss to understand their appeal. Next time, I’ll try the brownies or the candy truffles.

eatPiada is at 104 Main St., Port Jefferson, 631-509-5759; Mosaic is at 418 N. Country Rd., St. James 631-584-2058.