10. Relish, Kings Park Wiggle your way into a capacious...

10. Relish, Kings Park

Wiggle your way into a capacious booth upholstered in faux leather the color of Bartlett pears. Life seems all the better after a meltingly good plate of roasted sweet potato pancakes topped with pecan butter. Chef-owner Steve Cardello sources ingredients with an eye toward the local and sustainably raised. At breakfast and lunch, ethereal ricotta pancakes score highly, as do inventive omelets made with organic eggs from a Kings Park poultry farm. Also try the sandwiches, burgers and hand-cut fries. Dinnertime, linguine with clam sauce features house-made chorizo. Have a Butterfingers milk shake and forget calories.

Read our critic's review Credit: John Dunn, 2011

Breakfast. It's thought to be the most important meal of the day. That's why Stephen Cardello, chef and co-owner of Relish in Kings Park, puts all his effort into making the best for his customers. The omelets, prepared with free-range organic eggs from Raleigh Poultry Farm in Kings Park, and the daily specials, featuring locally farmed fruits and vegetables, are what make up this hometown diner. 

Cardello loves cooking breakfast and says he is proud to use the "farm-to-table" concept to support local businesses. "The concept of 'farm-to-table' should be in every chef's repertoire. It should be what you do automatically and not because it's just a great marketing tool."

Host Meredith Daniels steps into the friendly surroundings to see how the famous roasted sweet potato pancakes are whipped up. Grab a bottle of syrup and dig in. 

Videojournalists: Mario Gonzalez and Meredith Daniels

Currently, the restaurant is open daily for breakfast and lunch and serves dinner Wednesday to Saturday.

Relish is at 2 Pulaski Rd., Kings Park, 631-292-2740.