“Fresh and tasty” is how a number of customers describe the sushi Hisashi Manabe serves at Satsuki, his restaurant in Lynbrook.

A small, discreet place, virtually hidden by a train trestle, Satsuki is a favorite of Long Islanders who have been eating there for years.
Meredith Daniels joins a handful of regulars for a roll or two, or three.
Manabe came to this country from Japan in 1976 and has spent the past 19 years working hard behind the sushi bar as the sole sushi chef.
Many diners like the Koko roll, a concoction of cooked shrimp, cucumber and spicy mayonnaise that is named in honor of Manabe's late wife, Koko, with whom he ran the restaurant. Another favorite is Manabe's "new roll" -- an inside-out composition of tuna tartare wrapped in fresh salmon and topped with tempura flakes.
No matter what kind of Japanese fare you order, regulars agree it doesn’t get much better than Satsuki.