A waiter delivers an order of lobster, sea scallop scampi...

A waiter delivers an order of lobster, sea scallop scampi and seafood supreme at Harbor Crab in Patchogue. Credit: Newsday File / Bill Davis

As things tend to play out, style often works in 20-year cycles, making things that were trendy in the '60s cool again (or "retro") in the '80s -- just as the DJs, who only a few years ago offered '80s pop and rock but today are starting to tag their resumes with the ability to play '90s hits as well.

Does that mean the 1970s have already seen their good times come and go . . . twice? Not necessarily.

Turns out the days of disco fever still have their champions, and at Harbor Crab in Patchogue on Saturday, April 2 guests will get a chance to boogie once again. Starting at 8 p.m., the indoor sections of this waterside restaurant and nightclub will be punctuated by the sounds of classic '70s dance music -- both mixed by a DJ and performed by a live band -- until late into the early morning hours.

Patrons are asked to kindly dress in butterfly collars, bell-bottoms and anything else that was born of the "Saturday Night Fever" era, with a prize for best costume. Drink specials include $2 PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon brand) cans and $4 for special cocktails that were also big during those days, such as the perfectly-named "7 & 7."

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