Alain Macklovitch, AKA DJ A-Trak.

Alain Macklovitch, AKA DJ A-Trak. Credit: Teamwork Management

When South Pointe nightclub returned to Southampton for a second season, word was this would be a major stop for big-time DJs. That promise was certainly kept during the Memorial Day weekend with Chris Lake arriving to work the Saturday of that three-day weekend...but would there be follow-ups from talent of that level?

Lake, an internationally active selector, is also the producer of dance neo-classics such as "Changes" and "Carry Me Away" to go along with a number of smash remixes – all reasons why he is such a club draw. However, South Pointe has another star set to go on Saturday, June 9, and due to his body of work, there’s a good chance the crowds may end up the biggest of the season so far: A-Trak.

Born in Canada, Alain “A-Trak” Macklovitch is based in New York and has serious Manhattan credibility, some of which is due to his frequent work at city venues (and the great name recognition likely born of his name appearing on dozens of fliers promoting his appearances). But Macklovitch is more than just a busy DJ – he is also a favorite of hip-hop celebrity Kanye West, who has included A-Trak on tour, used him for major TV performances and to spice up songs with his acclaimed record-scratching skills.

However, hip-hop is not the man’s only strong genre to spin, as Alain is also a house DJ, plus one-half of a disco-tinged duo who call themselves “Duck Sauce.” The other member is dance icon Armand van Helden. (If you remember an incredibly catchy tune that played endlessly in clubs a couple of years back that chanted “Barbara Streisand,” that was a Duck Sauce creation). In addition, A-Trak also has done some hot remixes of his own (for artists including the  Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Kid Cudi) – combine all this into one resume, and it’s easy to see why NYC can’t get enough of his stuff.

Doors open at 10 p.m., and unless you're willing to risk battling long lines and fighting for the doorman’s attention, reservations are absolutely a wise decision. Call 631-259-2330 or email to reserve; for more information head online to or (definitely dress to impress and plan to valet).

South Pointe is at 25 Tuckahoe Ln. in Southampton.

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