Patrons dance during a late-night party at Acacia in Huntington...

Patrons dance during a late-night party at Acacia in Huntington Village (371 New York Ave., 631-923-2299) on Feb. 23, 2014. Credit: Barbara Alper

Huntington Village is always a solid quarter to consider whenever looking for an evening out, and as of about a week ago a new opportunity arrived in town to explore.

It’s called Acacia (pronounced “ah-KAY-shuh), and while its official grand opening is yet to occur, it softly started serving guests last weekend. Acacia’s main focus is on dining, and it features a menu of contemporary American food (leaning strongly toward seafood plates) -- but for those who head to Huntington solely for drinks and socializing after 9 p.m., it may also work as a worthy destination.

After spending the summer having its New York Avenue address (# 371) being mainly recognized as an area construction project by passersby, Acacia has showed it is now ready to join its fun-loving neighbors (including Meehan’s, Honu, The Paramount and the Village Tavern, among others) by exposing its smart lounge -- which opens directly to the sidewalk. Its door-length windows swing open to reveal two couches and a sextet of short tables within, each equipped with a single tea light faux candle. Polished wood is the main element of the building’s interior, a lengthy space that moves from its lounge to a mid-room bar area before concluding in a dining section that takes up the venue’s back half.

The bar is set before a faintly glowing wall with shelves holding several bottles of colorful spirits, while a panel of wallpaper that holds Rorschach test-styled patterns of orange, tan and dark green is located on the opposite side of the house -- which happens to mix with the prevalent wooden hues to create a look that perfectly matches the autumn happening outside.

There’s no cocktail menu at this time, but the bartenders are good for specialty martinis (priced around $12). As for music, expect 1980s hits piped in, save for Fridays and Saturdays when DJs are soon to spin. Acacia’s doors are likely to stay open until at least 12 a.m., but heavy business could push the closing time on some nights even later. The clientele, at this early stage, has been a casual-but-neatly dressed group aged 25-50, which is similar to the regular turnout at Honu. Of course, what’s to be for this brand new hangout is still evolving -- but with its sharp look and upscale-classy feel, it looks like Acacia has positive potential.

Acacia: 371 New York Ave., Huntington, 631-923-2299

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