The view from a “tap table” at American Social Kitchen...

The view from a “tap table” at American Social Kitchen & Cocktails in Massapequa. (Feb. 12, 2013) Credit: Ian J. Stark

A new pub and eatery has recently opened its doors in Massapequa, and it offers a laid-back hang for grown-up Long Islanders looking for a fresh spot.

“We’ve seen a lot of ladies in here since we opened,” says John Marchisotto, the owner of American Social Kitchen & Cocktails (ASK&C), which officially arrived on Jan. 2 year in the space formerly home to the now-defunct Backpage Ale House in Massapequa, “including lots of moms who have their kids with a baby-sitter so they can get out for a while.”

With Long Island’s mature crowd currently making up a significant portion of today’s nightlife set, American Social is geared to provide a casual place for men and women generally over 30 to find interesting food and drink – with some of the latter open to self-service.

Currently ASK&C has two special tables that actually have taps embedded in the wood, and (for groups of 6-10) can be reserved for a party or night out. The price is $300, and once designated those who have made the claim can choose four kegs of various beer to have installed underneath the tap table and connected to the spouts – making it so all involved can then sit around with their friends, drawing the suds themselves, able to fill their own glass at will.

However, the unique options featured at American Social don’t stop at the spigots, as the menu also features a few dozen brews – including many of the craft variety – and a menu of contemporary American plates. And although the nightlife calendar of events is yet to launch, Marchisotto says that evenings with live music should be under way in a week or two, as well as a likely DJ night to follow.

Sports can be enjoyed on the many TVs hoisted around the barroom and in the dining space – which includes watching big football Sundays (once the NFL returns to action) – but the main goal is to cater to an older, casual, relaxed group. “We have seen a lot of families in here during the day,” Marchisotto adds, while discussing the expected age of guests. He also mentioned that while younger adults aren’t forbidden, there will be a concerted effort to keep immature, overly rowdy people away -- and so far the formula has created a scene described by the owner as “ladies, some guys in suits, regular people, people over 30 mostly; some nights the average age has been closer to 40 …we’ve had a really dynamite crowd.”

American Social Kitchen & Cocktails: 4225 Merrick Rd., Massapequa, 516-557-2788

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