The unfinished storefront of Dark Horse Tavern in Farmingdale is...

The unfinished storefront of Dark Horse Tavern in Farmingdale is seen on March 28, 2014. The bar is slated to open in April. Credit: Ian J. Stark

It appears that looking for parking while on the way to the Dark Horse Tavern will soon no longer involve only the roads of Rockville Centre when searching for a spot, as by the end of April the Village of Farmingdale will also be a good place to try.

There has been construction taking place at the southeast corner of Conklin and Main Streets in Farmingdale for some time, in a space that was last home to a Blimpie sub sandwich franchise – and although the labor is far from finished, a sign identical to the placard outside the Dark Horse Tavern in RVC has already been put above the pending storefront. Dark Horse ownership has confirmed that they are expanding their brand and opening a second Dark Horse Tavern at this location in Farmingdale, a setting that should provide some likely instant interest.

Much like bar-laden Park Avenue in Rockville Centre (the original DHT is at 12 S. Park Ave.), Farmingdale’s Main Street features a number of nightlife opportunities (such as the Nutty Irishman, Croxley Ale House, The Republic Pub and the Library Cafe, as well as the Last Call bar around the corner on Conklin Street) – with the two scenes both seeing hundreds of people arrive to explore and wander between all the pub possibilities come weekends. Furthermore, each of the two municipalities have LIRR stations within walking distance, and can rely on crowds hailing from nearby colleges (Molloy in Rockville Centre, Farmingdale State in Farmingdale). Opening a pub at this address is a no-brainer.

As of this writing, crews were spotted behind the structure (the actual address is 273 Main St.) mixing concrete and laying the foundation for the new Dark Horse’s beer garden – a space that at the RVC location is immensely popular with patrons; built with sleek fixtures, a large bar and TVs it’s a heavy draw – and the ownership says that the new DHT will not only have a similar courtyard, but will also mostly follow the original’s formula, which can best be defined by a strong pub menu (including its competition-grade wings), an influx of craft beers and a welcoming, slightly hip but very warm personality.

The projected opening is to be sometime in mid-April; for more information or to apply for a job at the new Dark Horse Tavern in Farmingdale, send an email to

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