An M&M cookie from David's Cookies.

An M&M cookie from David's Cookies. Credit: David's Cookies/Laura Bissell

David’s Cookies, which for more than three decades operated as a mail-order company before reverting to its original business model and relaunching two storefronts on Long Island, has once again shuttered.

Joseph and Jacqueline Hubert were credited with bringing the cookie brand back to Long Island in 2020, opening locations at Walt Whitman Shops  and Roosevelt Field . 

Joseph, who at the time of David’s opening recalled that "at one time, when you walked into most malls, you’d find Mrs. Fields, or Great American Cookies … and they’re kind of gone and I don’t think they went away because people don’t like cookies all of a sudden.”

Up for the challenge, the Huberts turned out freshly-baked cookies plus an assortment of classic muffins, brownies and edible cookie dough until the closures.

David's products are still being distributed to restaurant chains, hotels, schools , ice cream shops, grocery chains and convenience stores. The brand's full line, which includes brownies, cookie dough and cakes,  is also still available online at

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